Control the Uprisings!

... so you will not lose it!

When I look to the people's uprising here and there, I sometimes feel sorry. It is since long time that I said this is the age of the people and that no one will ever stop the people when they rise.

Now the people rise in Sudan, Libya and Bahrain etc... The uprising will not stop at those countries. The waves are rushing towards some more states.

However, there are always hidden powers to exploit the uprisings of the people, being that national military powers, religious hysterical groups or foreign powers.

They even exploit the right issue to be void. However, it seems that it is the responsibility of the sincere political national groups to orient the uprisings well, so no one will be able to rob the gains of the people.

Take care of these groups claiming political Islam, if you were serious about secular states. This is the simple lesson people learn from such phobias, wanting to get the states to the middle ages or get them into a twilight period.

I am always saying Islam, Christianity and other religions with much respect to the theme of the religion, has nothing to do with ruling the political scene of the modern states.

They simply have their different mediums to help any multi-cultural society to integrate well, instead of taking the political chairs.

This has nothing to do with Islam, as we all know; Islam has nothing to do with the modern values of the state in the 21st century. The same thing goes to any other religion.

We want to keep the states secular. We want those with religious values to use their mediums to maintain national unities and integrities. Those religious institutions work parallel to the government to help the modern democratic government achieve its duty.

In addition, those oriented religious groups should stop being elements for foreign policies in Africa. They had been since the 40th and they will be behind the deterioration in our modern world. Just study the example of Sudan and you will see.

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