Horn of Africa's Revolution is Coming!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Alfa / Sudan)

hoa-politicalscene.com/horn-of-africas-revolution-is-coming.html - Horn of Africa's Revolution is Coming by Ethiopian writer Enkidu Debaba, a HOA Political Scene's pen name.

hoa-politicalscene.com/horn-of-africas-revolution-is-coming.html - Horn of Africa's Revolution is Coming by Ethiopian writer Enkidu Debaba, a HOA Political Scene's pen name.

The revolution is coming in the Horn of Africa, as the young are murmuring, how to revolt. The dictators are digging to find the hole and know where to escape and hide.

However, just before it happens, they search continuously inside their societies and even inside families to find people they don't trust to imprison and assassinate.

TVs in every state in the Horn of Africa don't transmit the revolutionary informative. We are watching unconditional games and dance with the silent mood. Everything with silent notions is but nothing more than a crisis.

The fierce dictators vows Kaddafi's style to terrify the revolutionary squads, but the revolutions never terrified, it is like a flood devastating the dictators selectively.

The Horn of Africa's revolution needs deep research and adjustment to bring it in to sight. It is due to the Horn of Africa's dictators misguided and divided one nation in to tribes or in to religious clans for their interest the nations are humiliated and lost their history due to the wolves and wrong braves of Horn of African's tyrannies.

The revolutions in the Horn of Africa must start in every region. It must demand for real democracy and unity. It must scratch and expel the dictators with their programs. Religious and tribalism is the dictators’ weapons to divide the people.

We must respect every tribes and religions with equal approach to dissolve the rooted dictatorship in the Horn of Africa.

USHA is the main part of the Horn African revolution. Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti and Somalia are one nation. Stand for the new era of independence and unity with revolutionary movements.

Unity must get through democracy. Stop hates and wash out uncivilised manners. Create the identity that Horn of Africa is the son of Kush.

What is stopping the people from unity?

Is it the language?
Is it the religion?
Is it an economy?

What are the differences?

An ignorant one says, "Yes". The wise knows it is not. The differences are the dictators' and their policies linkages with external business paths.

Can they leave together?
Why they can’t?

It is a great freedom for the citizens to live and work any where in the country and it was the easiest way to apply the democracy by adopting the exact real activity.

This time is
a great chance for the Horn of African nations to work for unity, Omits the illiterate prophecy and stop ignorant people form making different performances on your freedom.

The Horn of African experts and professors are invited to involve with the issue of USHA and work for USHA development.

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