Democracy is Not for the Mass in Sudan!

by Hammed Osman - Democracy is Not for the Masses in Sudan since the independence in 1956. Here's British checking colonial Sudanese army. - Democracy is Not for the Masses in Sudan since the independence in 1956. Here's British checking colonial Sudanese army.

The people of Sudan have misused democracy through their long history since the independence of Sudan from Britain in 1956.

The results came as many people have predicted in different military coups in 1959, 1969 and 1989.

They have misused democracy in many ways, starting by:

corrupting the elections campaigns,
appointing relations in key ministries and other key occupations,
appointing people who have proved to be lacking transparency and credibility for key ministers, corrupting the ruling system, robbing the national treasury and spending in failed economical projects.

I came with the statement on this document from pages on this website about the Sudanese sectarian parties and the democracy in Sudan and searched throughly trying to find any gesture that I was wrong in my statement, although I knew that what I read here is the truth. Thank you for publishing this.

In the other hand, governments of the military coups keep on building some projects and developing the country for their own interests. They develop whatever that makes money for them.

At least in their military councils they have only goals to achieve developing the country through one system. While the political parties in the opposition scatter and lose the focus on the way the country should be developed.

Besides, those political parties have many goals, many programs, many differences and many conflicts inside them. Many political leaders are corrupted and they proved to be after wealth through the political power.

I think for all the reasons I have mentioned that democracy is not for the mass.

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