Clan Warfare, Civil War and Drought in Somalia, 1950 - 1996!

by Mohamed Ugas
(San Diego, CA, USA)

Is it possible Somalis can avoid clanism and orient themselves towards a unified Somali state, to rebuild their country?

My book is about what took place in the last half century after independence. It is long; it is about 300 pages if published. The most important message it conveys is, when are we coming together as a nation?

Are we to remain a failed state forever?

If you ask me how I know so much about Somalia, it is because I served for six years as an Air Force pilot and twenty years as Somali Airlines pilot.

There is no city, town, village or hamlet in Somalia or if you wish the entire of The Horn of Africa that I did not fly to and had meaningful operations. I am old now or in countries like USA, where I live now middle-aged. I don't know why Somalis do not understand to learn from experienced people like me.

Do you have any suggestions of how to publish my book with minimum expenses?

Thank you.

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