Bring Them to Justice!

by Enkidu Debaba

We should always call: Bring Them to Justice!

Torture is one of the instruments dictators have and they use this instruments frequently to harass opponents. The dictators stay on power despite the interests and the willingness of the citizens.

They have no other alternatives to stay on power unless they terrorise, torture and kill anyone there tries to revolt, or anyone they might suspect. Not only physical torture but, they apply more psychological torture on their opponents to break them down, before even trying to do anything.

Ethiopia is one of the examples that the people are unable to make a single voice and they remain voiceless in the casting process from the 2005 presidential elections until now although at the casting some people tried to make an uprising and the regime broke them by excessive military use, torture, prison and mass killing.

Since 2005, the Ethiopian government continues mistreating, killing, torturing and intimidating all of which is a part of unwritten permanent law the officials apply on the poor Ethiopian people.

The international communities are yet have not exposed the brutality of the Ethiopian regime. The citizens are considered the reasons for applying such brutality and that is the reason the regime says is beyond the aggressive law describing that by disorder and thus continues to indicate that it is licensed to kill its own people.

The numbers of the victims are not clearly registered because it was out of management and no group were able to do this.

Since the government politics includes ethnic federalism, the torture was based ethnically as ethnic torture on other Ethiopian nationalities.

Today, 75% of Ethiopian people are the victims of the 2005 mass repression in Ethiopia and the lack of support from the international community. They remain voiceless and unable to stand for a democratic revolution.

Generally, the nations in the Horn of Africa are the victims of torture as long as the dictatorial regimes continue in power.

Yes, torture is illegal and serious crime. International law must consider it as international crime. Therefore, bring the criminals to justice.

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