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Jun 21, 2016
At the Verge of the Ethiopian Issue!
by: Admin

At the verge of this Ethiopian political issue, there lies lies, Enkidu.

When the European government look at Ethiopia they look at it as a big power in Africa and they don't look at what the regime (any regime) is doing. They have all helped this country to get more lands and expand, because it is one of the European interests in the Horn of Africa.

See the way they have supported Haile Selassie, as a claim to unfound religious backgrounds. See even his name is not real. So, how could the claim be real?

That is the real problem of Ethiopia and it is like an illness, until Ethiopia gets out of it and recover from phobias and myths and until the Ethiopian people see the history by real eyes. There is a big illusion in this world.

We can't rule people by myths.

This is why we need to be rational and logical to build awareness, knowledge and get the people in every country in the Horn of Africa to achieve positive changes in every country and then get together to build USHA.

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