Ethnic Federalism in Horn of Africa!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Halfa Elgadidah, Sudan) - Ethnic Federalism in Horn of Africa: Poor education under the poverty margin in the Horn of Africa produces conflicts. - Ethnic Federalism in Horn of Africa: Poor education under the poverty margin in the Horn of Africa produces conflicts.

Federalism is used in different country or states for the purpose of bilateral interest. Federalism is a political concept in which a member, or representative in which the sovereignty constitutionally divided between the governing authority and political unities for all parties has upper administrative wheel.

A federation is emerge for an initial agreement between a number of separate states. The purpose can be expressed to solve the mutual problems to provide for mutual defence, or to create a nation states for an ethnicity spread over several states.

Unitary states through its vast history, cultural development cannot use federalism e.g. Egypt, German... Unitary states have common history and culture than the federalist states. Religious with a tribe does not affect the unitary states, although it imposes threats... but highly request for democratic governing is always made by secular people.

Federal state countries gradually developed to a common history and scientific culture. At the same time the federal constitution continues developing for further common interest e.g. USA. USA is the largest ethnic and multicultural environment in the world.

The ethnic federalism in Ethiopia is unilateral decision. Ethnic based politics never applied to unitary states, unless otherwise the members of government or authority deafens. Today there is no a single citizen, that appreciate the ethnic decision on Ethiopia.

The implementation of ethnic federalism is a regrettable; politically it has a link to Nile water master plan. It is necessary to highlight the ethnic conflict in all the Nile water riparian countries.

Ethnic federalism is a controversial to Ethiopian nation interest. This society, there was no colonizing power divided them and ruled. There was no ethnic conflict in Ethiopia. In the case of the problem in Eritrea, it was a question of sovereign due to the colonial made different awakens.

The Oromo tribe was struggling against the dictatorial rule. They are asking for equality and democratic rule in the country. While the current government allow the ethnicity awakens finalized ethnic conflict all over the country

The south east Ogden was not ethnic conflict. It was enhanced by the previous Somalia government to extend Somalia land to own the oil rich Ogden. But the recent ethnic conflict emerged after the ethnic federalism implemented.

Except Ethiopia (Oriented ethnic organization TPLF) the rest of horn of Africa countries not yet officially implemented. While the same ethnic movements spread in the horn due the regimes put own tribe as a first citizen and continue on power for unpredicted time.

Horn of Africa sagged under ethnic
dictatorial rule, millions worry for the future civil war and crisis.

Ethnic violence spread all over the Horn of Africa; Ethiopia Somalia, Kenya and Sudan... Practically ethnic violence erupted due to the regimes undermine the demand of citizen and forceful managed the country based on ethno superiority policy of regime.

Ethiopians people couldn’t cope with ethnic federalism which keep the regime as a first class citizen and affect the identity of nationalism.

It is a joke or amusement applying ethnic federalism to Ethiopia while the people are at unitary level. It is necessary to evaluate that this people are completely mixed and the marriage was not based on tribe, the religious were not based on districts or not based on tribe.

It was distributed all over the country national identity was strong as Egyptians’. But the regime killed thousands of Ethiopians who resist it. Forcefully creates the ethnic based organizational movements that stand with corrosive and unpleasant taste in the society.

Every tribe turns to hate each other. The intermarriages get cancelled. Every where divorce. Complicated identity for millions of children whom born from different tribe. No one is allowed to marry other tribe, even the working places are dominated by tribes.

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