The Political Resolution in the Horn of Africa!

by Enkidu Debaba
(ALFA, Sudan) - The Political Resolution in the Horn of Africa: Snippet from - The Political Resolution in the Horn of Africa: Snippet from

Nations in the Horn of Africa with strong national identities need constitutional agreements among the democratically elected governments of states for mutual benefits for the political systems and the population.

Rather challenging a unitary country by ethnic federalism politics, the Horn of Africa countries possible to engage in to federalism accordingly the federal rule system. No country in the Horn of Africa hates unity, but only the regimes on power for personal interest.

Based the ancient history, Horn of Africans are the same descendants; so called the families of Cush. Who is not Cush? Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya …. All are the same people the same families and the same interest.

These nations need unity. Unity will takes place accordingly federalism rule and system. There is no place for tribe, religious superiority movement. Every things respected will respected under constitutional agreement.

Some people are worrying that who going to rule?

This should be understandable that there would be no more tyranny government exists during this federalism rule. The constitutions are prepared by professional experts locally and externally supported.

This unity cannot be processed by current regimes on power. It is the Democratic nations, youths, students’ colleges’ universities and professionals revolution. This movements must implemented by democratic revolutionary organizations.

USHA is the united states of Horn of Africa - FSHA is a federal state of Horn of Africa dreamed since 2006.

The country expected to united; Sudan, Ethiopia Eritrea Djibouti, Somalia and Kenya.

It might be including others based on additional research.

HSHA would be a federal state of Horn of Africa, all this today's political tensions brutal administrations human right volitions famines will get ride of theses area.

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