Stop Amhara Phobia in the Horn of Africa!

by Nathan Belay Abtew (Anthropologist and Freelance Researcher)
(February, 2021Toronto, Canada)

Amhara Faith

Amhara Faith

The Amhara people is one of the civilized societies of our planet in which before many states were formed, this society formulated centralized government, Monophysite religion and well networked state named Ethiopia.

Most of Ethnic groups in the country got civilized thanks to Amhara teachers and orthodox religious missionaries.

When it comes to national pride and patriotism, the Amhara people and leaders took the lions share. In History, many plots were done by colonial front-runners especially by Italian and United Kingdom colonialists to break the unity of Amhara people after seeing the strong and unbreakable resistance of this people during evasion.

The Italian invaders in 1939 experienced bitter resistance from Amhara Gorilla fighters almost in all parts of Ethiopia. Following this, the Italians formulated diverse strategies to undermine the Amhara people by serving ethnic revelries against this people.

After the Italian invaders were evacuated from the country, British colonialists were insisting divide and rule system in Ethiopia by galvanizing ethnic differences.

The British Divide and Rule colonial policy caused for the birth of negative ethnic federalism in Ethiopia in the 1980s.

However, the Amhara people has undefined patriotism: for Amhara man or woman, in his/her blood, there is dignity, truth, independence, respect and unlimited love of the country. Most of the Amhara music and dances emanate from dignity and the history of patriotism.

When Ethiopia faced different invasions from Somalia, Egypt, Sudan, Italy, England and Eritrea in different times, Amhara farmers recorded golden history against their enemies. “For Amhara farmers, war is like wedding ceremony: they enjoy the smell of bullet than the test of red wine”.

Currently, the Amhara people is in danger that almost all ethnic groups in Ethiopia and leaders of the Horn of Africa developed strong Amhara phobia.

In this week, the Sudan government blamed the Amhara people and Amhara leaders for the Ethio-Sudan border conflict.

The Sudan government invaded Ethiopia since October 2020, and currently, the political stress in the Horn of Africa is like active volcano.

Once this volcano erupts, the region will fall into civil war because domestic political instabilities and poor political leaderships are visible from Addis Ababa to Khartoum until Cairo.

Asmara, Mogadishu, Jubba and Nairobi will not be free from this political stress.

Therefore, all peoples of the horn of Africa should understand the political drama and should refuse the proposed Horn of Africa War in which its focus is to eradicate the Amhara people.

The main enemy of Amhara people, TPLF failed due to its high level of detestation against the Amhara people and culture. The Sudanese people should learn from this experience.

The Amhara people are well adaptive and easy to live with. All peoples of the Horn of Africa could learn the Amhara civilization: which is peaceful co-existence and patriotism.

This people were not an enemy for its neighbouring countries especially to Sudanese people, and it will never be in the future.

Writers, journalists and activists should reverse Amhara phobia and Amhara hatred in the region since this people is the sign of freedom for black history.

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