Dead Politics in the Horn of Africa!

by Nathan Belay Abtew (Anthropologist and Freelance Researcher)
(Toronto, Canada )

Amhara Genocide Protest

Amhara Genocide Protest

The common good is something the human person tends to in life time which gives meaning for life. As human being, what I have experienced is too much to say something about democracy.

I know it is about human rights and equality of all human creation in front of the law. This term mostly used by leaders to convince the wider public. Democracy is the play ground for African politicians in their public speech.

Everything beyond this is just a fantasy. Neither politicians respect the rule of law, nor the wider society stop dreaming about democracy. Our continent is just in hope of equality. Respect is replaced by power; the stronger leads and the weaker follows if it is allowed to follow.

Once, when I was doing ethnographic field work in East Africa, an old wise man said: “We have to put limit to words and see what is on ground”. He who get born sick will get relive when he dies.

African politics is sick from its naissance, and it will be cured when its conceptual understanding dies. Leaders understood politics by control of power and extended leadership terms.

Under this pressure, talking about democracy will be just dreaming in vain. He who doesn't hear the truth is waiting for nothing.

In my life time, I have experienced all forms of persecutions, but my soul never forget what is done against my ethnic group (Amhara). You might see or heard of a human person kills his image.

I know it is not normal and it will never be. However, what happened to my race is beyond what the human mind thinks: women got slaughtered and their organs got consumed. Kids got burned, men’s sexual organs got toasted by fire and consumed.

Thousands of people berried alive in group tombs. Young girls were given vaccine type injections not to give birth for many years.

All such kinds of genocides were committed against the Amhara race just to eradicate them from Ethiopia. The master of all these crimes is the Tigrian Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF).

This political group led the country for more than 27 years and corrupted the resource. On September 2020, they massacred more than one thousand five hundred innocent Amhra civilians in Michadra town (the border land of Amhara and Tigray regions of Ethiopia).

After causing lots of crises in the country, this terrorist's group removed from Ethiopian politics on November 28, 2020 after three weeks strong military operation. “He who got born sick will be relived when he dies”.

February 2021

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