The Ethiopian Election Violence Spreads Fears!

How the Ethiopian election violence happened?

Why we always expect violence during elections in Ethiopia?

Ethiopia is apprehensive of election violence in 2010! Before many years ago, the pictures of the violence in the Ethiopian elections in 2005 still reminds people of harsh political development and raises their fears and bad expectations while Ethiopia prepares for the coming election in 2010.

Meanwhile, the leader of Coalition for Unity and Democracy is in life sentence imprisonment and the government closes eyes and ears so as not to hear any international pressures to free her and free many leaders of the Ethiopian opposition.

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Addis Ababa, the capital city of Ethiopia witnessed total disturbance during the elections in 2005, which made the political situation tense. However, the authorities pretend that they are the best to know the best for the country and to make it happen.

An Ethiopian political source said, some detainees were taken from Ziway detention camp to un known places. "These places could possibly be prisons in some destinations of the country, since the government is aware of International field investigations or even interference" the source added.

"New rules for the legislative power raised the disturbances. They were introduced to take effect, to support the government representatives and those parties the government has created to shape this kind of democracy in the government behalf". The Ethiopian political source said.

Reports are saying the Ethiopian government is not up to its obligations towards democracy, while riots irrupted, students and other citizens killed, the government security conducted several arrests, and the Ethiopian Prime Minster attacked the EU in his speech.

PM Meles Zenawi condemned the International pressures to release the detainees and said his government will not bow to any pressure. He announced that only those who were not involved in the disturbances would be released, and the others will be treated according the law and order.

The United States and European Union urged the Ethiopian government to end its crackdown on opposition leaders, thousands of whom were arrested during bloody clashes between demonstrators and police in Addis Ababa. The Ethiopian Election Violence left at least 46 people dead.

The EU and US issued a 10 demands statement including a review of parliamentary rules that are restricting the democratic procedures in the Parliament, lifting restrictions on opposition leaders, freeing all political detainees, releasing the names of people in detention and reopening private media.

A report from Amnesty International declared that 4,000 people were being held as the organization and other human rights groups condemned the crackdown on the freedom of speech and democratic gatherings, following the riot after the 15 May elections.

On 11 Nov. the Ethiopian police said that they had released 2,417 detainees who were arrested during last week protest in Addis Ababa and held in Ziway and Dedesa military camps.

Leaders of the main opposition groups the Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUD), newspapers editors and members of local society organizations and some other people will face charges of treason, a crime punished by death in Ethiopia, the Integrated Regional Information Network (IRIN) said.

The government has issued new rules indicating that any party must have a minimum of 51 % seats in the parliament in order to propose motions and present an agenda. The previous law stipulated that only 20 lawmakers could make a motion tabled.

Lawmakers from the CUD have refused to take their 109 seats amongst 547 seats in a protest of these rules passed by the previous parliament as they were intended to limit their powers.

Leaders of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church, the Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, the Roman Catholic Church and Evangelical Church appealed in statement for calm and called for peace saying "Let peace be our agenda."

Observers say it'll never get worse than that, since every week reports talk about this deterioration in Ethiopia. The leaders of the government were once representing a revolutionary front.

This was one of the best fronts in the fighting field for democracy and justice. It has achieved its goals with a deep cooperation with the Eritrean People's Liberation Front (EPLF). Then all that has once been a dream of a "New Horn of Africa" elapsed comically to leave a sour test in the throats.

The political problems in Ethiopia began when the others were denied their convenient national aggregation! They started peaceful demonstrations, and then the Ethiopian Election Violence erupted on the streets between them and the security forces.

Wars erupted in many areas and got even inside Somalia, because the Somali people in the western Ogaden still do not want to be totally dominated by the Ethiopian government.

The last Ethio-Eritrean Wars did also put impressive impact on any positive relations with this very important neighbouring country to Ethiopia.

The Ethiopian government relation with the military dictatorial regime in Sudan does make doubts about the real political orientation of the Ethiopian government.

In spite of the assassination attempt on the Egyptian president Husni Mubarak, planned by the dictatorial regime in Khartoum, during his visit to Addis Ababa at 8:15 on the morning of June 26, 1995, the relationship between the three countries seems as milk and honey ;-)

This is politics!

And it seems this way that the declination from the principles rules in the insanity of the diplomatic relations!

This is the new comitragedy in Ethiopia and in the area.

People should not bother, since they do not have a real say in their own political future since the elections give any president 99.99% continuously on the elections terms, because they know how to manipulate the elections to their own benefits. They in fact play the opposition's roles too, by creating some political parties like cartoons in a movie.

Who does really care to help solve the Ethiopian political problems?

If similarity in every aspect of living and conditions dominates, so why not those countries which form the main Horn of Africa's landmass achieve their dignity by a kind of federation or confederation?

Why the tribes and clans problems still exist in the 21st century?

Why the civil wars erupt every time and then?

Why the dictatorship still hangs its hat on the governing palace everywhere in the Horn of Africa?

Is it real that happens there, or it is just illusion?

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