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A Dialogue with a Friend to Lend me Money!

by Khalid Mohammed Osman

This is just an example. I don't ask for loans.

This might not be the right way to ask your friend to lend you money. It is somehow an arty-way to ask a friend to lend you money by starting a similar dialogue like this referring to things you and your friend do at work, or at free time activities, such as cultural activities, human activities, or political activities. Then after that ask what you want to ask.

Me: Hi buddy, where had you been these days. Are you well? I called you so many times.

My friend: Sorry man. I had been very busy with something very important to me. You know I had been facing some troubles and thank you again for your help that time. You got me on my feet.

Me: I did no favor, dude. You are my best friend. So, what's that important thing?

My friend: SOS asked for my help to run one of their children's villages in Congo.

Me: WOW, that is great. Would you take the offer?

My friend: I am not sure. After getting on my feet again and pursuing sponsorship to the children's village in Ethiopia, I received many invitations from the government to run one of the national projects in Addis Ababa.

Me: Blessings flow your way... thanks God.

My friend: I even have received some fund in my bank account to get there and join them in the Ethiopian capital.

Me: Have you decided anything, yet?

My friend: Not yet.

Me: Well, if I were you, I'll take SOS.

My friend: That what I thought too. But I needed the money. A lot of it is with those rulers, you know.

Me: I know that you are not opportunist!

My friend: Right. I'll take your advice. Thanks. Talk later. I should meet someone soon.

Me: oh, God, I have almost forgotten!

My friend: What?

Me: Will you please lend me one hundred pounds?

My friend: Oh, buddy, sorry. I don't have that cash right now.

Me: What about the Ethiopian money? Are you going to give it back? Did they ask to return it, in case you are not interested in their offer?

My friend: No, they didn't ask. But I thought that I should return it.

Me: No, it's yours now and they didn't ask to return it. Don't be stupid! You supported the SOS children's village there for so many years.

My friend: I really don't know what to do.

Me: Just KISS. It's that clear. Don't return the money. It is yours as a national who paid a lot for his state, but not the government's. They have it from your efforts and the efforts of your brethren at home.

My friend: You are right, absolutely.

Me: (laughing and winking) Now, give me my money... One hundred pounds.

My friend: (laughing too) Yes, it is natural to be a little devil, sometimes.

* Read this dialogue in the Characteristic Writing map in the following languages:

* Read it in Amharic at Invitation to Comment 129: ገንዘብ ለማበደር ከጓደኛ ጋር የተደረገ ውይይት.

* Read it in Arabic at Invitation to Comment 125: حوار مع صديق لإقراضي مالاً.

* Read it in Chinese at Invitation to Comment 126: 与朋友对话,借钱给我.

* Read it in Danish at Invitation to Comment: En dialog med en ven for at låne mig penge.

* Read it in French at Invitation to Comment: Un dialogue avec un ami pour me prêter de l'argent.

* Read it in Greek at Invitation to Comment 128: Ένας διάλογος με έναν φίλο για να μου δανείσει χρήματα.

* Read it in Italian at Invitation to Comment: Un dialogo con un amico per prestarmi denaro.

* Read it in Japanese at Invitation to Comment 127: お金を貸してくれる友達との対話.

* Read it in Spanish at Invitation to Comment : ¡Un dialogo con una amiga para prestarme dinero.

* You are at Invitation to Comment: A Dialogue with a Friend to Lend me Money.

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