What Made America A Great Empire in the World?

by Khalid

International Political Media: What Made America a Great Empire - New York.

International Political Media: What Made America a Great Empire - New York.

What made America a great empire in the world? Or, just what made America?

Interesting question! Isn't it?

In one line the answer is:

... a beer and a cock, plus, of course cocaine in my brain.

See the lyrics at the bottom of the page and the song at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8u90LwP-Ss Dillinger - cocaine in my brain/ Wayne Smith - under my sleng theng.

No, not as the song says, before getting the question into my mind when that song is in fact about New York (NY), somehow.

You might say in the answer, or add to it: a beer, a cock and a pussy.

But, seriously, what made America?


What makes it the only great empire in the world?


What make different states and nationalities in the biggest united land in the world unite?

What they are united about, although that they are so different and composed from many different cultures?

Why this example of unity isn't presented elsewhere in the world?

For example, in the Russian lands.

Why the American Administration works continuously to insure the unity and security of its big land, while it doesn't support the national unities in other lands in the world?

For example, the former USSR, the Eastern Block, Sudan, elsewhere...

You have got many questions like these. So, what are the answers?

Let's read your answers first. Here below is the comments link to answer the questions and thank you very much.

Hey Jim, Jim, just a minute y'all
I want to ask you somethin'
I want you to spell somethin' for me, Jim
Can you do that? Sure John
But I want you to spell for me New York
John, why you ask me to do that?
I just want you to spell New York, Jim
Well alright, I'm gonna go ahead man
N-E-W Y-O-R-K, that's New York, man
No Jim, you've made a mistake, Jim
I'm gonna teach you the right way
And the proper way to spell New York
Well, go ahead, John
A knife, a fork, a bottle and a cork
That's the way we spell New York, Jim - yeah
You see, I'm a dynamite
So all you got to do is hold me tight
Because I'm out a sight, you know
'Cause I'm a dynamite

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