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May 12, 2016
Burn the Islamic Banks in Sudan!
by: Khalid

One of the important things to mention here is the satanic way this regime uses since 1989 to manipulate beside using the political vacuum in the state to do what the leadership wants.

They have already built octopus arms of interested people in every state to share wealth with them and be at the same time the guard of the ruling council, or whatever they call it.

Through them they hear every thing and know about any attempt to overthrow them and through them they maintain security. They also use big security and provide the security by the main body of income they get from their projects and what they call the Islamic banks.

If there is any revolution, the people need to burn those banks.

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May 09, 2010
Did You Mean the Sudanese Parties?
by: Admin

I have two main queries here. Did you mean the Sudanese people or the Sudanese parties?
Where did you find that I said the Sudanese people?

Please check any page here about Sudan and then tell me I have made a mistake coming with this assumption. This never happens and will never happen. I hope that you were not after making bad impression.

Nevertheless, I let go of your comment here as I see that it is important to take some opposing voices to express what they want in a good way.

I think that you meant the Sudanese political parties but not the Sudanese people, taking the impression may be from pages on this website as you have mentioned.

If it was like that, I do not need your replies to my queries. I understand as usual the incentives and the reasons beyond such lines.

I will get back to the other points in your post soon as they fall also in the wrong direction.

Thank you once more for sharing your opinions here.

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