Things that Make You Happy and Things that Annoy You!

by Khalid Mohammed Osman


Things that Make You Happy and Things that Annoy You... well, the things that bother you are translated into many languages that you will find on the links below. Read it in your language to compare and check accuracy. If you found any errors, please kindly write the correct text through the comment link, or write about the things that make you happy and the things that annoy you.

The topic:

Think of the things that make you happy first, and then think of the things that annoy you... make you sad, or angry, pissed off!

Among these things are things that interest you, indeed. That is another issue.

This is a mental training to compare your reactions to each, ask yourself why you reacted that way and study the causes, so you can fix what you can. I'll give examples of the things that make me happy and the things that annoy me, make me sad, or angry, pissed off and want to break somebody's nose by one boxing stroke.

Things that make me happy

  • The snow making the trees white and lightening the nights.

  • The spring seasons before the collapse of nature, with all of the flowers smiling to people.

  • The time I have for myself and the time I have to write.

  • The time I have to do something good for others.

  • Good news from the people I care of.

  • The positive reactions of my group.

  • Getting new ideas from my activities to support human causes.

  • Children's smiles.

  • An extraordinary pretty woman. (I measure this very well not by diets, but by balancing curves. A woman's body is like the earth itself with its contours, with all the elevation it has. Every part of a woman's body has its own elevation. Every part of a woman's body should have a balance with the other. See these canyons, grooves, valleys and peaks? They resemble a woman's body. So, this is why in my poetry I mention the fertility as a feminine concept)

  • Beautiful nature.

  • Beautiful open places.

  • Open balconies into the nature and the sky.

  • Doves landing on my balcony to feed them.

  • Watching my best TV criminal series, as Criminal Minds (all versions), Crime Scene Investigations (CSI) (all versions), The Mentalist, Hawaii Five-0, NCIS, Bones, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Grey's Anatomy.

  • Reading Dr Spencer Reid's mind.

  • Analyzing and profiling before the experts on those crimes investigation movies. Experimentalism.

Things that annoy me

  • Conflicts and wars.

  • The world disorder.

  • Irrational global politics that affects our lives daily (destroying the Ozone and claiming war on terror they have created to dominate).

  • The superficially of most of the world.

  • The appearance of the neo-imperialism.

  • The misunderstanding of my national people in the Horn of Africa to their real problems at home.

  • The disappearance of the snow.

  • The disappearance of the spring season.

  • Much sun in summer.

  • Insects in summer.

  • noisy neighborhood in summer.

  • The heat of summer that we even don't have at home in Africa.

  • The long days in summer.

  • Tight and closed places.

  • The crows, with their damn caw.

  • The owls.

  • Disobedient, disrespectful and not well brought up children riding noisy motorbikes all times in summer and driving where families live to and fro, even after midnight.

* Read Things that Make You Happy and Things that Annoy You in the Characteristic Writing map in the following languages:

* Read it in Amharic at the page Invitation to Comment 131: ደስተኛ የሚያደርጉዎት እና ሌሎች የሚያስጨንቁዎት ነገሮች.
* Read it in Arabic at at the page Invitation to Comment 130: الأشياء التي تجعلك سعيدًا والأشياء التي تزعجك.
* Read it in Chinese at the page Invitation to Comment 132: 使您快乐的事物和使您烦恼的事物.
* Read it in Danish at the page Invitation to Comment: De ting, der gør dig glad og de ting, der generer dig.
* Read it in Filipino at the page Invitation to Comment: Mga bagay na Nagpapasaya sa Iyo at Mga Bagay na Nakakainis sa Iyo.
* Read it in French at the page Invitation to Comment: Des choses qui vous rendent heureux et des choses qui vous ennuient.
* Read it in German at the page Invitation to Comment: Dinge, die dich glücklich machen und Dinge, die dich nerven.
* Read it in Greek at the page Invitation to Comment 133: Πράγματα που σε κάνουν ευτυχισμένο και πράγματα που σε ενοχλούν.
* Read it in Italian at the page Invitation to Comment: Cose che ti rendono felice e cose che ti infastidiscono.
* Read it in Japanese at the page Invitation to Comment 134: あなたを幸せにするものとあなたを困らせるもの.
* Read it in Korean at the page Invitation to Comment 135: 당신을 행복하게하는 것들과 당신을 괴롭히는 것들.
* Read it in Portuguese at the page Invitation to Comment: Coisas que te fazem feliz e coisas que te irritam.
* Read it in Russian at the page Invitation to Comment 136: То, что делает тебя счастливым, и то, что тебя раздражает.
* Read it in Spanish at the page Invitation to Comment: ¡Cosas que te hacen feliz y cosas que te molestan.

* You are at Invitation to Comment: Things that Make You Happy and Things that Annoy You.

* Read the entry page at Characteristic Writing.

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