Sudanese National Anger Day Press Release!

by Khalid Mohammed Osman - Sudanese National Anger Day. #يوم_الغضب_السوداني_الوطني #30يونيو_يوم_الغضب السوداني لاسقاط - Sudanese National Anger Day. #يوم_الغضب_السوداني_الوطني #30يونيو_يوم_الغضب السوداني لاسقاط

To read the Sudanese National Anger Day Press Release in Arabic, see Invitation to Comment 27: أكثر من 130 منظمة معارضة سودانية في الداخل والمهجر تنادي بذهاب النظام الديكتاتوري.

Press Release from the New Initiative of the Sudanese Opposition Abroad and Inside Sudan!

Great numbers of Sudanese opposition abroad and inside Sudan rejoined in a new national action and issued a political statement addressed to the totalitarian regime of Khartoum and some strong international and regional political powers.

They also issued an appeal to all the members of the United Nations and its Security Council and the states attaches and delegates and the human rights organisations to withdraw from treating the regime of Omer al Bashir as legitimate political power in Sudan and exert pressure on him and his fundamental regime to hand over power.

Our resources in the new Sudanese political initiative indicated that more than 130 Sudanese political groups and organisations have been unified on a base of a national activity and reached a strong political position to agree and join the Sudanese Anger Day on Friday, June 30, 2017, called to by veteran Sudanese nationals opposing the religious military regime in Sudan for 28 years.

The umbrella of this opposition issued a political statement demanding and calling the totalitarian regime of Omer Al Bashir to step down & hand over the political power to the Sudanese people after severe human rights abuses, mass killing of Sudanese and massacres everywhere in Sudan lasted for 28 years.

The political statement warns al Bashir of Sudan, that he either do this immediately, or bear the consequences of sticking to the seat of illegal government for a period of twenty eight years, while the state suffers from epidemic diseases brought by the ignorance & the neglecting of the regime, in addition to the conspiracies going on to sell Sudan piece by piece to foreign and national investors.

Holding fast on this initiative, the youth resistance movements, civil society organisations, social networking platforms and immigrant opposition forces have declared their will and full solidarity with the angry and rebellious masses of the people against the oppression. The statement confirmed the solidarity with the oppressed Sudanese whose lives have become intolerable in the face of living hardship, rampant corruption in all the state, the spread of terrorism & the worsening of health & security conditions in all regions of the Sudan.

The initiative leading bodies greeted the masses of the Sudanese people and resolved to escalate the struggle and resistance in the entire country and abroad in every place Sudanese found to reject the absurd dialogue of the regime, bombing the civilians, the restriction of freedoms, the continued sale of the national capabilities, the collapse of the health and education facilities and the destruction of the national economy.

They call Sudanese towards installing the components and the facilities of the Sudanese national initiative in the Sudanese National Anger Day to organise in masses and call to hold Omer al Bashir’s
regime accountable for many crimes, bring the criminal killers and spoilers to justice and to stop the growing phenomenon of terrorism, the begging, the disease and the trafficking of weapons and human beings.

The initiative leading bodies appealed to the leaders of the youth forces and the civil and armed opposition to overcome their differences and pave the way to the rest of the political forces, civil society organisations, youth, students and women to assume their historical responsibility and stand by the people to put an end to the bleeding and to demand the departure of the regime with its systematic murder, hunger, corruption and tyranny, and to escalate the struggle and resistance to reject the regime's policies until it falls & bring it to the trial with all its elements.

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