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Apr 12, 2016
About the entry!
by: Admin

Enkidu Debaba has submitted the original script of this entry, The Horn of Africa, the States of Disaster in 17 July, 2011... yes almost a year ago. The long entry was really mixed, the lines are long and not clear, the entry lacked paragraphing and there were so many language mistakes.

My assistant editor suggested to delete it. But, I just told her to get it into my archives, so I could go back to it when the time permits. I therefore, asked the contributor to work his entries good, so we could invest the time we do reediting on other jobs.

Now, as you read the entry, you can imagine how we managed to revive the article and enhance it by our own wording and ideas.

Thanks to my assistant editor for her good faith to break the lines and correct the language mistakes. I then reedited the article wording it and supporting it by some original ideas the entry has not had in its original copy in my archives.

Now here is the problem when you use the form to contribute and submit commentaries, or new articles. It is absolutely wrong to write one full article without paragraphs. It is also wrong to copy an article from the Word document writer for Microsoft Word processor to paste it in the form. Use notes, or block text editor.

Writing online is different from writing offline. Even in newspapers and magazines you should write in paragraphs.

Double check for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Write short sentences in short paragraphs like the example you see on the entries here.

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Apr 12, 2016
The Assumption of Ethiopian Domination!
by: Khalid

We have argument here to discuss. But, it is better to continue this entry on the linked pages, as there are two three pages for this subject.

The assumption about Ethiopia is totally wrong. It is even disapproved and refuted by history. Look at how the Ethiopian emperors claimed power, how they fought against themselves and how the European colonial powers that time thought of using the land after calling Ethiopia to dominate other nationalities.

This is one f the greatest disputed in the horn of Africa. But, many nationals know this fact and know why the colonial powers had chosen to support Ethiopia to gain some economical and political interests.

Let's get to it and confirm that Sudan have never though of dominating Ethiopia, but only during the mad phobia of the Mahadi dervish Abdullahi Eltayeshi.

He has the same dominant mentality as the Ethiopian emperors. They have it as Christian and thus the European powers supported them and he wanted it as a Muslim (using the same fuck of religion) and they were both wrong.

This is the misery of the area... the domination of religious phobias

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