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Oct 25, 2010
Sudanese Caricature!
by: Admin

I really do not know how I did manage this Sudanese Caricature by simple changes in one Arabic word on it! The word is "al-jeeyoub", which could possibly mean two things.

The first thing that jumps to the mind of the viewer is "pockets". The Sudanese Caricature goes into this direction to have an economical meaning, aiming towards the hard economical situation the public in Sudan faces.

The second thing is that, that specific word in the Sudanese Caricature could mean in political geography or geopolitics the other regional parts in Sudan, which face potential secessions.

To this standard, I thought the word "al-jeeyoub" could possibly be "al-jeenoub", which means the south, since it is the recent emerging dangerous political issue.

So, I changed one letter in the forth word in the Sudanese Political Caricature, which is "al-jeeyoub" by removing the two dots under the "y" and placing one dot over it to be "n", so the word read "al-jeenoub".

This shows you simplest ways to do some creative works, cut, paste, print and distribute them in your society to keep creativity going and accelerate the process to pick the uprising now. To your enjoyment.

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