Intellectual Ignition!

by Khalid Muhammed Osman

hoa-politicalscene.com/intellectual-ignition.html - Invitation to Comment: Intellectual Ignition: The bla bla bla systems don't care of your planet more than their interests. You are the change.

hoa-politicalscene.com/intellectual-ignition.html - Invitation to Comment: Intellectual Ignition: The bla bla bla systems don't care of your planet more than their interests. You are the change.


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Intellectual Ignition

I feel low in summer and autumn. We don't have much of spring here in Europe, nowadays, as the snow has disappeared and the spring with it, paving the way to only two seasons and sometimes these become two seasons in one.

Regarding this feeling, the reasons are not within me (internally). Since 2001, the climate change began to stretch, despite governmental promises, which the leaders of states waste in climate conferences.

The climate catastrophe affects every pulse of life in the once known snowy countries. All of the world is affected. But, the impacts are harder in the snowy countries and the countries of the rain forests. Many people think that it is a nature crisis, which is not. There are executives in international governments who contribute directly in the nature crises.

When I got the invitation to the activities of the international climate change, which has been prepared by Green Peace, during the climate change summit in Copenhagen on Monday 7, December 2009, I had great discussions with many delegates from many nations.

Those young people, as well as climate veterans of Indigenous people and other like-minded people, who are down to the earth, have given me hopes to hold on, to continue the environmental struggle, until we recover the Ozone. See related resources.




The Affects of Changing Seasons

The mass effects of seasonal changes on people are the consequences of climate change. So many people are exposed to (SAD), all over the world. The matter is not just the long nights in winter. Despite this impact of long winter nights, the therapists of affected people could use this longness to craft many useful and productive activities.

They can even make some romantic arrangements for couples, or create more facilities to engage the clients in social productive activities. Such outcome of seasonal changes create options for different treatments. Such treatments are job creators. There might be an opportunity to craft different businesses from such occurrence, not only for the sake of businesses, but for the people.

(SAD) is the abbreviation for Season Affective Disorder. It actually throws a lot of people in front of the train and encourages some others to get into other suicidal methods, drugs addiction and some other criminal behaviours.

Notes: Some insects and some trees, especially the ones that evaporate their scent / sprinkle aromas on the air could cause (SAD). This is in fact in summer, as we have very small insects that enter any open hole on your face, even if you wear eyeglasses, and cobwebs (spider's webs) on the streets and much more noises causing much of hassle and psychopathic behaviours.

The lack of light in winter that causes SAD might be true. But, the controversial is that... in fact the snow makes nights beautiful. It glows the nights and here comes poetry into the scene for many creativity. I don't think that it should be a problem for others.

All that they should do is create psychological activities to treat themselves and prepare them to relax. Another thing... the white trees covered by the snow make very beautiful sceneries at night, especially when cars lights reflects on them. All of this means that the long dim nights might be only imagination and a psychological one.

"All for One" is everything for those who are vulnerable because they have been exposed to some bad things domestically, and for those who has been subjected to flee their homes and live in some other states. It is the human motto, through which we reflect our humanity.

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