What Readers Like to Read?

by Admin

What readers like to read about?

Why you like to read about that?

I start this fun here on this entry. You complete it by answering the two questions. Treat it as a word-game! Tell me what you like to read about and why, line by line.

There is an example here to follow. You can just copy the two sentences and paste them on the form in the comment page and then add what you like to read and why you like to read that to the sentences.

If you like to read about many topics, paste many lines like the first following sentence and name the topics at the end of the lines. It is so that simple game.

At the end, we will have many topics, people like to read about and you will know what readers like to read and understand why they like to read about those topics in their entries.

Most importantly, you will receive some good ebooks to read when you submit the form on this page. Please, also leave your name and email address, so as to make sure that you receive notifications when somebody comments on your entries.

I would like to read ...
I like to read about it because ...

Write all the topics you would like to read about. You can also tell us what you are reading just after the dots in the first sentence. Then tell us why you like to read the topics you have mentioned on the first example above.

Copy and paste many lines like these sentences in the example above in the form and fill the dots by anything you like to read about and add the reasons at the end of the second example.

When you finish, choose to receive emails notifications about your entry and replies to your entry to follow up and know what readers like to read about.

Please keep your answers in this order, as this helps us to organize the topics and improve our reading experiences here and our knowledge, of course.

Some Useful Resources to Read:

📖 The Penguin Classics Library Complete Collection: More than 1000 of the Greatest Classics.

📖 What to
Read When: The Books and Stories to Read with Your Child--and All the Best Times to Read Them
answers this specific question and provides good reading methods to enhance children readers' reading experiences.

It also enlightens the minds by offering the best time to read for children. But, not only children, parents or teachers who read for their children or students get the insight to make the reading experiences better and choose the perfect reading topics for their audience.

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