Definition of HOA! What Does HOA Stand For?

by Admin Khalid Mohammed Osman

I wondered about the definition of HOA, what does HOA stand for, many years ago when I started this website HOA Political Scene, as a Bilingual HOA website.

As it was clear in my mind why I had this abbreviation, that time, I came across few sites with term. But now, there are so many sites standing with this term in their description and thus keywords. So, I am terrified.

In my mind, while concerning some terminology about terms, but not applications, I had to shorten the long name of this political website, by a clear abbreviation.

HOA STANDS FOR THE HORN OF AFRICA, AS AN ABBREVIATION. It isn't an abbreviation that stands for the American Homeowners' Associations, or the Home Owners' Alliance.

Many platforms have taken this abbreviation to explain it and they include in addition to WIKIPEDIA, the free dictionary, as acronyms, and even the Medical Dictionary, and then Definition, Acronym Finder, Allacronyms, Abbreviations, the Wiktionary, collinsdictionary and the meaningofthename and the hoa-sites. The term takes even the name of the Heart of America Volleyball.

But, using the term HOA doesn't stop there. It is used as abbreviation for Heart of Asia. It is taken also into some projects, such as the modular that has structured set of PHP libraries and to my surprise even an email service provider has taken the term HOA to use it as HOA EMAIL SERVICES, without even explaining what the term refers to.

Another one using the term is hoamanagement, HOA Fees at quicken loans, HOA HOA Menu at allmenus, Florida Community Association Condo HOA, Hematology-Oncology Associates of CNYhoalendingxchange, etc... It is just that this craziness of businesses online.

In Vietnam, they use the term also. This is could be natural in Southeast Asia. Remember Ho Chi Minh. Many places have taken the name, as well as part of personal names.

So, to all standards, the term HOA is so exposed to the standard that there's no any use of using it more in web businesses. However, as it takes part of the name of the hot-politicalscene.com meaning the political scene in the Horn of Africa, so I shall keep it simple. It is the right abbreviation for the HORN OF AFRICA.

hoa-politicalscene.com/definition-of-hoa-what-does-hoa-stand-for.html - Definition of HOA! What Does HOA Stand For? What belongs to the HOA people stays with the HOA people. That's to say we are electing the people, but not dictators.

hoa-politicalscene.com/definition-of-hoa-what-does-hoa-stand-for.html - Definition of HOA! What Does HOA Stand For? The HOA people make the movement to clear dictatorship, bring freedom, justice, social welfare in every state and become united.

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