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30 Years Ago There was No Web, or Martyr's Tree on It!

by Environ Activist, Journalist Khalid Mohammed Osman

DON'T STEAL IDEAS FROM OTHERS: 30 Years Ago There was No Web & obviously No Martyr's Tree on It! It proves credibility, when you refer to ideas of others by sourcing & referencing.

DON'T STEAL IDEAS FROM OTHERS: 30 Years Ago There was No Web & obviously No Martyr's Tree on It! It proves credibility, when you refer to ideas of others by sourcing & referencing.

*** Introduction:

"30 Years Ago There was No Web, or Martyr's Tree on It" is a fact article about personal achievement and personal motivation. That personal achievement was in the Eritrean capital Asmara, which is extraordinary fabulous in public engagement in the level of a nation and terrific goals and outcomes, which reflect both on national issues and international issues, such as climate sustainment. All of the people's movement to implement the idea was done by me, I am activist and journalist Khalid Mohammed Osman and it was really a personal success to me and to the beloved Eritrean nationals.

But, since many people tend not to pay attention to sincere efforts like this one done by me, or even acknowledge important roles I have played in a history of a nation, because simply they have personal issues and since some other people tend to steal dynamic ideas and find big social media, or other net services to present that as theirs, so there must be someone to stop this.

Because the environment and of course the environment protection are matters of importance, as they are dynamics to me to experiment with moving the people in such activities, so we have got this specific article translated into some languages you will bow down, at the end section of the page. I know 5 languages and some information about other languages. If you knew more than one language and found something wrong in the translation, please advice by pointing at the paragraphs with wrong translation. You can do that through the comments link and get some useful gifts of love from the second page, when you submit the form. Write the correct translation. Thanks.

30 Years Ago There was No Web and Obviously No Martyr's Tree on It


When the internet web was opened on August 1991, it was opened for the first time to the great power and limited to the well developed countries for couple of years.

So, in Africa, including the Horn of Africa, the African people didn't get it as people do in the well developed world. Nor the indigenous people in Asia and elsewhere had got internet. There was no martyr's tree, at the time I CREATED the martyr's tree in Asmara. There was no martyr's tree (that time) and even until so recently.

The Eritrean Martyr's Tree is the only specification pertinent to martyr's tree in the world and this indication is from the fact that there are more than 500,000 Eritrean martyrs.

When I came up with the idea of the Martyr's Tree just after the independence of Eritrea in 1991, and it was then that the Internet started to launch, the idea was new, not found anywhere, as no one has come with it, except me. Numerous Eritreans followed it in the lights of the facts Eritreans have sacrificed to liberate their land, which indicates that there were more than 500,000 Eritrean martyrs with their bones scattered in different places in the new liberated state.

In addition to environmental and geological facts that the Eritrean soil was affected by the longest war in Africa and there were chemicals, broken weapons and landmines everywhere.

The idea was fresh and no one has INVENTED it and made it a product for a complete nation to use it and implement it in the lights of facts found in the Eritrean soil, rather than me. These facts have indicated that there are more than 500,000 Eritrean martyrs with their bones scattered on different places in the new liberated state. This martyring by masses and even sacrifices for the nation has never happened before in the world, except in Algeria.

To offer honorable funeral to Eritrean Martyrs deserve, and to be attended by all patriotic Eritreans, we did a comprehensive search, asking many witnesses of the crimes committed by the Ethiopian occupying power.

We searched for these bones and picked them up from so many different places to honor the Eritrean martyrs and created the Martyr's Day, with celebrations in all of the Eritrean regions. The city of Kern was the head quarters of the first activities, and from the proud bride of all Eritrean cities the spirits of the martyrs wandered, smiling in peace and appearing happiest by their achievement for their brethren to live in a free state, through their trees.

**** Continue at 30 Years Ago There was No Web, or Martyr's Tree on It Comments.

* Read "30 Years Ago There was No Web and No Martyr's Tree on It" in your mother language below:

🇦🇱 Read it in Albanian Invitation to Comment: 30 vjet më parë Nuk kishte asnjë Ueb & Asnjë Pemë e Dëshmorit mbi të.

🇪🇹 Read it in Amharic Invitation to Comment 146: ከ 30 ዓመታት በፊት ድር የለም እና በላዩ ላይ የሰማዕት ዛፍ የለም.

🇱🇧 Read it in Arabic Ftesën për të komentuar 145: 30 عاما لم تكن هناك شبكة انترنت ولا شجرة شهيد عليها.

🇨🇳 Read it in Chinese Invitation to Comment 147: 三十年前,没有互联网或烈士树.

🇩🇰 Read it in Danish 30 år siden var der ikke noget web og ingen martyrstræ på.

🇵🇭 Read it in Filipino Invitation to Comment: 30 Taon na Magkaroon Walang Internet at walang Tree ng Martyr.

🇫🇷 Read it in French Il y a 30 ans, il n'y avait ni Internet ni arbre de martyr dessus and Il y a 30 ans, il n'y avait ni Internet ni arbre de martyr dessus Comments.

🇩🇪 Read it in German Vor 30 Jahren gibt es kein Web und keinen Märtyrerbaum darauf.

🇬🇷 Read it in Greek 30 χρόνια πριν δεν υπάρχει κανένας ιστός και κανένα δέντρο μαρτύρων.

* Read it in Hawaiian 30 mau makahiki i hala ua ʻole mākou i ka pūnaewele a ʻaʻohe kumu lāʻau martyr ma luna.

🇮🇱 Read it in Hebrew Invitation to Comment 149: לפני 30 שנה לא היה בו שום אינטרנט ולא עץ שאהיד.

🇮🇹 Read it in Italian 30 anni fa Non c'è web e nessun albero dei martiri.

🇯🇵 Read it in Japanese Invitation to Comment 150: 0 年前ネットも殉教者のツリーもありません.

🇰🇵 Read it in Korean Invitation to Comment 151: 30 년 전 인터넷과 순교자의 나무는 없었다.

🇱🇻 Read it in Latvian Pirms 30 gadiem nebija tīmekļa un acīmredzot tajā nebija mocekļa koka.

🇳🇴 Read it in Norwegian 30 år siden Det var ikke noe internett og ikke noe martyrtrær på.

🇵🇹 Read it in Portuguese 30 anos atrás, não havia teia nem árvore de mártires.

🇷🇺 Read it in Russian Invitation to Comment 152: 30 лет назад на нем не было ни паутины, ни дерева мученика.

🇸🇰 Read it in Slovak Pred 30 rokmi na nej nebol internet ani mučenícky strom.

🇪🇸 Read it in Spanish Hace 30 años no había Internet, ni ningún árbol de mártires en él.

🇸🇪 Read it in Swedish 30 år sedan var det inget internet, eller Martyr's Tree på det.

🇹🇭 Read it in Thai 30 ปีที่ผ่านมาไม่มีเว็บและเห็นได้ชัดว่าไม่มีต้นไม้ของผู้พลีชีพ.

🇻🇳 Read it in Vietnamese 30 năm trước Không có Internet, hay Cây liệt sĩ trên đó.

* 30 Years Ago There was No Web, or Martyr's Tree on It.

* Read the entry page at Martyr's Tree.

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