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Apr 12, 2016

by: Khalid

Thanks for nicely contributing to the pages of my project, the USHA.

You have argument here, as you mentioned that, "There was no ethnic conflict in Ethiopia"... your words.

Is this a joke, or a lie?

All Ethiopia is ethnic conflicts. Ethiopia itself was built by annexing other nationalities through history of oppression led by the Ethiopian emperors even before Tewodros "the great Ethiopian thief" and completed by Yohannes, Menelik and Ras Teferi "Haile Selassie".

The last emperor in fact was not the legitimate heir of the throne of Menelik, but supported by European powers to become the strong emperor and was made as thus through conspiracies in the ruling palace.

Despite the crimes he committed, it is interesting to watch until this moment in videos how million of people pray or consider him as a god.

Political illiteracy is misery.

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