Do They Plan Fragmentations in HOA? USHA is the Resolution!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Alfa / Sudan)

Is it a coincidence to have some parties in power in many countries in Africa run elections since the beginning of the 1990s and remain in power?

As for Sudan, the ruling party has stolen the political power from a legitimate democratic government and then ran election lately. In Ethiopia, the ruling party ran elections in the last decade and remains in power as if it is the only party in the country.

However, the two parties in both Sudan and Ethiopia continue in power as elected governments fraudulently by implementing rules that ensure they win while they harass, ban and imprison the opposition groups. The two countries remain lacking good governance, and the political situation grows to be sour and volatile.

The ruling classes based on their dictatorial rules, plan for the two countries to disintegrate and fragmentize into peaces. Accordingly, Ethiopia may fragment into 9, Sudan into 5 Somalia into 2 and Kenya, I do not know how many fragments they plan for that country.

I am afraid that reignited governments based on tribes or religious identities will govern these broken particles (small countries). This way the Horn of Africa will produce hundred of weak governments that will cry daily for the supper powers to support and protect them on power.

They will bring the same colonial powers to the continent once again.

Now, it seems that the ruling elites decided to reproduce the Horn of Africa to continue with unknown futurities. However, if the genius nationals from each country continued to resist and struggle strong well enough they will be able to create mature societies, defeat the fragmentation schemes and work together for the united Horn of Africa.

I call the real honest national oppositions in the region to work for the "United Horn of Africa", as the HOA Political Scene Network calls through the USHA project for the Horn of Africa.

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Africa Series)

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State Crises, Globalisation and National Movements in North-East Africa: The Horn's Dilemma (Routledge Advances in International Relations and Global Politics)

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