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Jan 03, 2011
USHA is the Must to Empower HOA!
by: Admin

The fragmentation process has already begun starting with Sudan. Instead of keeping the states in their traditional political borders, big states in the Horn of Africa will get involved in this fragmentation process sooner or later. It will not stop at Sudan being fragmented.

The very important thing to know is that the fragmentation process will destroy all the agreements made by the colonial powers to the borders of the countries in the Horn of Africa.

We respect those agreements because we know we should respect the integrity of the states in the Horn of Africa, although those agreements do not satisfy us to fitful our ambitions to have strong unity in the entire Horn of Africa.

We do this to make the current harmony between the people intact. Now it is clear that some of the international powers have decided to shape the area according to their interests. Religious and tribal ideas have never achieved anything positive in the history of the area.

Therefore, we should choose the USHA Project to maintain first our interior national goals in every state and get the democracy and justice we need and we should then work under the USHA umbrella to achieve the regional integrity. IGAD has done nothing in this regard.

Since the people in the oppositions are exhausted because of the long struggle against the dictators, then the process will continue and will not stop unless the powers in the opposition are strong by their national goals and have good mentalities to read the future of the Horn of Africa very good.

To help the USHA Project, put your ideas, each idea in a separate line, bring your political group here, let us discuss those points, agree on them and then orient the regional arms of USHA inside the Horn of Africa to work better.

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