COAA Calls to Release Political Detainees in Sudan!

The Sudanese Council of Opposition Alliances Abroad Calls to Release Political Detainees in Sudan!

In an urgent appeal to all entities and human right organisation the Sudanese Council of Opposition Alliances Abroad (COAA) calls to release the Sudanese political detainees and the prisoners of conscience.

Here is the appeal:

As we followed with great concerns the escalation of security operations targeting honest and active opposition people inside Sudan who have been arrested without warrants during the last two days to being added to the numbers of detainees from the opposition leaders who were arrested after the last protests and in solidarity with all these detainees we announce the launch of a wide justice campaigns, include various immigrants to press for the release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience immediately.

With the remainder of the margin of freedom being confiscated, there is still ongoing public sufferance from arbitrary arrests. Meanwhile, the security agents of the totalitarian and terrorist regime refuse to declare charges against political and conscience arrestees and prevent any kind of statutory or health care to be provided to the detainees.

In this context, the safety, health and security of the detainees remain in doubt and at the mercy of the security services. Note that some of the political and conscience arrestees are in unsanitary conditions and suffer from chronic diseases requiring urgent medical care.

We, the undersigned political organisations and civil society organisations living abroad and working in cooperation under the banner of the Council of Opposition Alliances Abroad, and connecting further with the statement issued on the first of December, which announced the launch of the campaign of civil disobedience inside Sudan and among millions of Sudanese immigrants supporting the coherence and solidarity of the people inside the country and with the declaration of all that falls towards tightening the siege around the totalitarian and terrorist regime we adhere fast on our oath and faith to integrate the work of the committees of resistance and disobedience and continue our efforts with our people inside the country to bring this regime down and follow the traitors, the thieves profiteers, perpetrators, massacres against our people committers and separatists to bring them all to the people's justice.

According to the international conventions on human rights sponsoring freedom of beliefs, freedom of opinions and expression, association, demonstration and litigation, etc... we call upon the Sudanese authorities to release immediately and unconditionally all those arrested or forbidden to carry their jobs for reasons related to their refusal to repression, war and corruption, or any of their political and legal demands for the government to change its polices regarding these issues.

We bring to the attention of activists and organisations of human rights that these detainees, whether they were directly detained, or forced without legal justification to be present daily in the headquarters of the security authorities for checking and wait there for hours preventing them from carrying on their jobs are elders, sick and patrons of sick people who are in need of medical attention and regular treatments. Many of them are active initiators of peace, democracy, national industry, economic progress and social justice. All of these detainees and their families suffer badly from being:

1) held in unknown locations.
2) held for unknown periods.
3) prevented from exercising their political rights through expression and communication, organisation and advocate for their ideas, opinions and activities and present all of that to the people.
4) deprived from their personal rights to sleep, eat, drink, hygiene, medical treatment and communication.
5) deprived from their legal rights to access lawyers, or choose lawyers, or receive legal assistance.
6) isolated from private individual contact or even from getting into contact with their families, acquaintances, colleagues, their work places, their organisations and their parties.
7) at risk of torture and sufferance of many kinds of cruel and inhuman treatments.

The detainees who were forced into daily attendance to the headquarters of the security are Sudanese nationals known of glorious history and
they are famous as party leaders, fighters of trade unions, political activists and jurists advocates of democracy, peace and social justice and that they are enemies of the phenomena of chaos, repression and terrorism. They all have sacrificed a lot through continuous historical struggle.

All these party affiliation leaders, trade unionists and human rights heroes are now prisoners of (unknown description) controlled by Islamist groups in the political system who control all the resources of the economy and the living standards of people, as they control all the organs of the authoritarian regime and all the security and intelligence channels and the militias.

In this anonymity and darkness the detainees and those who are forced to submit and check daily in the security headquarters suffer the following abuses and violations to their human rights:

1) they are arrested without any legal accusation or any specific legal suspicion of any crime.
2) have not been brought into any judicial treatment by any concrete charges.
3) there isn't any court that has issued arrest warrants, or charges against them.
4) they are not allowed to sue the authorities and the security agents who stopped them without any law, and prevented them to arbitrarily exercise political and personal rights.

To stop this violation of human rights, which in fact has been the course in the hand of the regime since the military coup of the Islamists to use against the survival and the peaceful attempts of the people to express and exercise their rights and which has produced millions of sacrificed intelligent people and many forced people to leave home into the diaspora we call individuals, entities, governments and all human rights concerned activists to act as follows:

1) seek the release of all political detainees from the prisons of the government of Sudan unconditionally.
2) stop the repression and detention policies.
3) safeguarding the rights of present and former detainees and forced to check daily in the headquarters of the security and protect them from the pressure and support them.
4) work to submit all those responsible of such abuses to fair trials.
5) contribute to the publication of this appeal and forward it to human rights organisation, authorities and individuals concerned of human rights.

We demand immediate release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience, or bring them into fair and public trials, by allowing them legal advice of lawyers to defend them according to the text of the law.

We also demand to allow their families to meet them. At the same time, we call upon lawyers and nationalists to rapidly intervene and raise human rights violation issues against the security agents along with their practices and violation of the law.

Freedom, peace and justice... The revolution is the people's choice.

Council of Opposition Alliances Abroad
The opposition alliance in the United States of America
The alliance of Sudanese opposition forces in Canada
The alliance of Sudanese opposition forces in UK
The alliance of Sudanese opposition forces in Sweden
The alliance of Sudanese opposition forces in Australia
The Democratic Forum in the Netherlands
The Sudanese opposition forces in France
The Sudanese opposition forces in Germany
The Sudanese opposition forces in Norway
The Sudanese opposition forces in Denmark
The Sudanese opposition forces in South Africa
The Sudanese Abu-Damac International Group

December 18, 2016

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