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Aug 26, 2015
They Tell Lies to Resettle in America and Europe!
by: Alhadi Mohd.

They do that simply to make asylum seeking easier, so they can get to America, Australia, Canada and Europe.

To make their asylum seeking proposal good they tell lies about sufferance they encounter in their homelands and they may even provide some signs of tortures on their bodies they made themselves.

Some of them tell lies about enforcement in militias done through the state recruiting authorities to get young people to serve their nations, a process which is well done even in modern societies in America and Europe.

But, when it comes to Africa, such policies are prohibited by international laws.

The Eritrean recruiting programs for example is good, as the state is very small, the population are just about 5 million and the state faces threats from all of its borders. So, the nationals have obligations to do that by themselves, forget about obeying recruitment orders.

In Sudan, they do it for Jihad purposes. So, this should be governed by international laws, not the Eritrean issue, which is more national.

Many of those who lied to the UNHCR, now travel easily to their states and no one observes this to know the lies.

While this is well known, it is strange to see some asylum seekers lie about their careers. They lied even to the American authorities about their careers, although we all know that there is an agency called the CIA.

Others tell lies as being told by their fundamental armed groups to get access to those international locations as refugees, so they could carry on with their terror from within the new societies they get access to them to live as refugees.

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