How to Write Poems?

The lessons included here show you How to Write Poems. This is about modern poetry and not the classical poetry, which is metric poetry. The metric poetry is so hard and time consuming. Most importantly this is not its time. You can enjoy reading it. But, writing it... no way until you have a time for it and you are serious and willing to learn it.

The lessons of modern poetry with examples of modern poetry have started at How to Be Inspired by Poetry to Write Poetry. Here on this page and at poetry knowledge we continue, with examples and insights on poetry and highlighted examples for critique...

https://youtu.be/6CdkHDFI8xk: How to be Inspired By Poetry to Write Poetry?: Episode 1 - 6 Structure of Poetry

On the last page we ended with the measures of poetry.

However, in modern poetry we don't need these classic poetry and traditional poetry measurements. We absolutely need musical flow of words, which should create some poetry tunes, both between the words in the line and between the lines.

We need also series of pictures, some sorts of movements and some feelings that create in turn a stand alone world.

The created world varies according to images, feelings and values of each poem. It doesn't necessary for this world to resemble the world of the poet in his piece of poetry. It could be a different world.

So, the rhythm of metric poetry is specific to this genre of poetry, as a rhythmic structure of poetry through all of its lines. It is the pulse of poetry which is measured through the lines. It makes the entire piece of poetry a metric poetry. However, the metric definition varies from a genre of poetry to another.

Linguistically, the meter of poetry is defined as patterns of stresses and unstressed syllables. For example in the common metric poetry known as "iambic" we have both of the stressed syllable followed by unstressed ones.

Another genre of metric poetry is epic poetry and it's a form of narrative poetry. Along with a study on the structure of poetry, like this one and the forms in which such poetry is verified are both a term in the study of verse known as prosody. Continue on the Poetry Knowledge.

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On Videos: How to Write Poems?

Be sure to follow the video lessons on how to write poetry, through the three main pages of the lessons. You will also find these videos on many poetry pages here, along with other lessons on videos on How to Be Inspired to Write Short Stories?

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https://youtu.be/BmZ_ikWNr4s: How to be Inspired By Poetry to Write Poetry?: Episode 1 - 7 Structure of Poetry

Examples of Poetry Couplets with Enlightening Questions!

A Clip from Your Adoration is Ticking Now

I know love.

That lies between the wound,

And between the rose,

The waves haunted me,

Rise me up,

As if I'm between the waves,

And between the purdah,

I embrace the initiation of life,

And offset a cover,

For the life of a being among the blood,

And the water pulse

https://youtu.be/KFcsC3Mg0jU: How to be Inspired By Poetry to Write Poetry?: Episode 1 - 8 Structure of Poetry

Questions that Inspire Thinking

The poet says he knows a kind of love. Well, there are questions that follow from lines in the poem.

How could any heart rest between a wound and a rose?

What is the intended wound and what is the intended rose?

What is the relationship or the linguistic link between the wound and the rose?

What image does each of the words in the lines imply?

How can sea waves inhabit any human being?

It is not surprising that waves can carry a human being and that human being can ride waves.

Then we come to the simile line ...

How can the poet be between the waves and the purdah?

What does the poet mean by the word wave here?

What does he mean by the word purdah, which he uses as a garment or shirt?

Was the poet in reincarnation here?

And who is the poet in his perception of being between the waves and the purdah?

How does the poet embrace the beginning of things?

Are the things that he intended are the assets?

And how can the poet, in this state of being, reveal the secret of the existence of the human being between blood and the pulse of water?

Do we have a poetic image that takes us back to the state of the creation of the human being from these two components "blood" and "water"?

Would all of this passage of the poem be poetic images?

https://youtu.be/P_nD5sgrfSE: How to be Inspired By Poetry to Write Poetry?: Episode 1 - 9 Structure of Poetry

مقطع من هواك يدق الان

أعرف حباً

يرقد بين الجرحِ

وبين الوردةِ

يسكنني الموج’

ويعلو بي

حتي لكأني بين الموجِ

وبين البردةِ

أعانق’ بدءَ الأشياء

وأزيح ستاراً

لحياةِ الكائن بين الدمِ

و نبضِ الماء

أسئلة تُلهِم التفكير

يقول الشاعر انه يعرف نوعاً من الحب. حسناً هنالك أسئلة فيما يلي من سطور في القصيدة.

كيف يمكن ان يسكن او يرقد أىُّ قلبٍ كان علي الإصلاق بين جرح ووردة؟

ماهو الجرح المقصود وماهي الوردة المقصودة؟

ماهي العلاقة او الرابطة اللغوية بين الجرح والوردة؟

ماهي الصورة التي توحي بها السطور التي تشمل الكلمتين؟

كيف يمكن ان يسكن أمواج البحر أىّ كائن بشري؟

لا غرابة في ان الأمواج يمكن ان تعلو بالكائن البشري وان ذلك الكائن يمكنه ركوب الأمواج.

ثمّ ناتي الي سطر المماثلة التشبيهية...

كيف يمكن ان يكون الشاعر بين الموج وبين البردة؟

ماذا يعني الشاعر بكلمة الموج هنا؟

وماذا يعني بكلمة البردة، التي يستخدمها ككساء او قميص؟

هل كان الشاعر في حالة تقمُّص هنا؟

ومن يكون الشاعر في تصوُّره ذاك بين الموج وبين البردة؟

وكيف يعانق الشاعر بدء الأشياء؟

وهل الأشياء التي كان يقصدها هي الموجودات؟

وكيف يمكن للشاعر في حالة الوجود تلك ان  يكشف سرَّ وجود الكائن بين الدم ونبض الماء؟

هل نالك صورة شعرية تعيدنا الي حالة خلق الكائن البشري من هذين المكونين "الدم" و "الماء"؟

هل يكون كل  هذا المقطع من القصيدة صوراً شعرية؟

https://youtu.be/O6E3KFxl9xI: How to be Inspired By Poetry to Write Poetry?: Episode 1 - 10 Structure of Poetry

How to Write Poems?

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