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Comments for We Need National Consensus in Sudan!

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May 05, 2010
The Mahdist Style of State Does Not Fit Sudan in the 21st Century!
by: Admin

It is true that when we reveal all our concerns for discussion, we enrich the society by knowledge and we create open mentalities to see clear and decide what they want. This is the nature of the modern culture, as people live today and tomorrow not in the past.

It is also true to see that we progress forward not backward. What might have been good yesterday might not be good today. That is because the development of the human mentality depends on the development of life itself.

Looking at the great scientific, economic and cultural achievements worldwide nowadays, we know what we want to run smoothly and turn the rhythm of this development into prosperous life in any country in the Horn of Africa, let Sudan alone.

Some points in the two entries are good for the national dialogue to discuss, agree on them and authorise action towards achieving them in the national charter.

This would be the national alternative for the opposition to implement to topple the scheme of the ruling party. We should look for more points like these ones to discuss too.

However, the last three points in the first entry are difficult for the national consensus to approve at the charter level. They will not help the national dialogue either.

People could discuss them of course, but they could see that the Mahdist state for example is old fashioned and does not fit the national modern dress of the state.

I found myself engaged in this dialogue at the time I am busy working with some advisors and lawyers on the fundamental law for the USHA project. I gasped for a laugh here, as deep in my mind I see the united Horn of Africa, while reconciliation to the political diversity in Sudan is getting difficult.

One of the anticipated outcomes of the national dialogue is to consider the political rainbow of the political parties and the diversified nature of the Sudanese parties to resolve the gabs in this national vision.

Such call considering the Mahdist state will widen the gabs and return the country to the past and it seems fundamental like the call of the ruling party.

The duty of the national dialogue is to establish a good frame of mind and treat any bigotry in the way we look to some principles. At this point, we do not only need love, but we need mostly an open vision to accept the other and discuss scientifically with the other how to shorten the gabs and resolve them.

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May 04, 2010
What the National Dialogue Supposed to Solve?
by: Admin

Thanks to Ghazi and Osman. I will get back to the discussion soon. These are good ideas to recognize the direction of the discussion. It is necessary to keep on and continue on this page to get more ideas about the national dialogue and the national consensus.

However, the national dialogue is supposed to take the new political threats after the announcement of the results of the forged election. The call for the dialogue is to seek solving the political problems. The goals are on the lights. Perhaps, every body knows by now the direction of the discussions.

Please if you found some points about the Sudanese national dialogue and the Sudanese national consensus add them to this page continuously and bring in some people you know to share their views.

You can forward the page to them from here Forward HOA's Political Scene. Copy this page address: and paste it on the big box in the form before forwarding. Thanks.

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May 04, 2010
Points for the Framework, Points for Discusion!
by: Osman

I read interesting points here. Those points are good to start pointing out what I believe.

There are some points for the framework to be good and other points to organize moderate discussions.

The points laid here could be discussed during the national dialogue. However, the committee of the national consensus or whatever its name may not approve them.

If we took them point by point, we may see that time has passed for some of them and people cannot go back, while the entire world walks forward.

I think first of all the national consensus is named so because the outcome is to get people to agree on some common grounds regarding a diversified political vision.

Therefore, all political groups participating in the dialogue to prepare for the national consensus are required to participate and lay their programs on the table for discussion.

Many political groups will come with their program. The duty of the committee that administer the dialogue in the national consensus while it was a framework should be trust worthy to abide by the terms of administration so as not to favour any political group.

The political groups should also avoid terms like "should" while presenting their political views, because they "suggest" their solutions at that stage to be discussed. However, the national consensus must use the term "should" to affirm the outcome of the national dialogue.

As I understand the primary process towards achieving the goals of the promised national consensus, all political groups should be delicate enough while participating in the national dialogue to help it rum smoothly and result on a unified national plan.

Of course, people are free to express whatever they want during the sessions of the national dialogue. However, the good dialect will always find its way to be respected and approved in the national consensus.

Rhetorically, there are many ways for each political group to present its program and plans during the national dialogue and while discussing those plans. People will come to the consensus upon agreeing on good political program and plans to carry this program out to solve the political problems of Sudan.

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