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Aug 04, 2014
Somali Fundamental Sheikhs Would Never Be Alternative!
by: Anonymous

Recommending to consult with former president Sh. Sharif Sh. Ahmed and his minister Mr. Abdirahman Abdishakur is out of date and out of topic. When have fundamental Islamic sheikhs ever been serious and succeeded in economies?

Forget about politics and their "jihad" by the name of the almighty, who's of course irresponsible of the political deterioration they made in Somalia for the country to be run thereafter by the insurgency group of AlShabab.

Even their religious economy is made of capitalism. Islam in their vision is only made to control traditionally absentees who in fact serve the sheikhs' interests in economy and power.

Good numbers of secular Somali intellectuals have already fled the waste land to resettle in America, Europe and elsewhere to escape the harassment of the sheikhs and the composition of clans and religion, which served the deterioration of a good nation.

We have learned from the HOA Political Scene that the deterioration in most of the states in the area is caused by Islamic elites (claimed to be Muslims) who created Muslim Brotherhood, or similar religious parties to keep the population ignorant to serve their interests.

Sectarianism and religionism are the problems of Somalia and Sudan and the claimed Islamic movement tries to creep into Eritrea, Ethiopia and Kenya to destroy the rest of the Horn of Africa.

Liberal thinking is never good for this regional area. When governments practiced that after the independence they failed dramatically to pave the way to the military coups and fundamental religious groups to deepen the cultural, economical and political deterioration.

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