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The SFG's Plan to Produce Oil Will Attract Calamities!

by Abdiqani Y. Farah

The itching urge for oil production by current incumbents of Villa Somalia reminds me of a book entitled: The Lucifer Principle by Howard Bloom.

The thesis of this book is that good and evil are simply different sides of the same coin and, therefore, will co-exist until the very last day of the world.

That goodness, because Lucifer is a prime evil created for the destruction of good, will always attract badness. The good news is that Lucifer is always under the carpet until a good cause has been triggered.

When you look at African politics closely, you will realize that calamities, as they are evoked by Lucifer, evolve around resources and goodness. Driven by the need to make the continent rich,

African heads of states bought the idea of letting go the foreign dependence. They hurried to look for the exploration of inner resources like oil and gold.

However, they went to business without capacity and with deep-rooted inability to cope with the public outcry. Others bypassed their constituents and took the high road only to find out the road ends uphills.

And Lucifer, a smart evil who never misses political holes, took advantage of the poverty and the ignorance of the populace. He even conspired with the elites and the mobs, telling each that the other is on the wrong side of history.

That is why wars in Africa are struggles between have-s and have-nots and are in the realization of resources. Take the case of Nigeria, for example. The country is divided between oil-rich dominated by Christians and poverty-ridden populated by Muslims.

Look at Libya where the system inherited by the revolution is divided between east and west, with Benghazi and Tripoli leading the match respectively.

South Sudan is also worth mentioning. There, the newly born African state has already witnessed the bad side of the coin when its top leaders started harboring different view on who would get what.

Now back to my point, Somalia was set on a high-risk road where the country will run the risk of being divided into smaller groups all wanting to dominate the oil refinery.

My hypothesis is that producing oil at this times is, therefore, foolhardy and pedestrian. Why?

It will simply multiply the corruption. The plan, a good by design, will attract unprecedented public theft and larceny. Worse yet, there is no mechanism to manage the resources.

The constitution that would help the country curb with this situation is buried under the sand. What is more shocking though is that the constitution was intentionally postponed.

Maybe the king do not want to incriminate himself with his own wills. Without constitutional powers to stop them, the high roaders will take the nation by surprise.

According to the Institute for Security Studies' Situational Report in 2014 by Andrews Atta-Asamoah and Neus Seguí, the constitution was “intentionally left in the grey area...because any attempt to decisively address it stood the risk of derailing the consensus for peace.”

The question that we should be asking the group by now is therefore this:

How are you going to deal with the inherent risks associated with producing oil if you are going to avoid the risks associated with the constitution? Let's pose this question twofold.

How are you going to distribute the resources without constitutional check-ins? More so, how will you guarantee the nation that no public malpractice will happen?

Whatever their answers, they have to realize the contentiousness of the issue. And if they are committed to going forward, I would recommend that they consult with former president Sh. Sharif Sh. Ahmed and his minister Mr. Abdirahman Abdishakur.

These guys have stories to tell regarding the offshore oil and the Lucifers they faced. This is so because this issue is in many ways related to the then MOU with Kenya. Both events were created for the need of funding—the good side of the coin.

It is true, and I agree, that for stronger government institutions, there has to be financial freedom. The government has to be in a position to pay its bills. In a nutshell, for quicker decisions, the government has to have funds handy, and without white conditions.

And I am going to submit that the president and his crones are pressured by the international community to venture on the country's natural resources, instead of eying on foreign funding and pledges.

That is why the option of generating income streams is a zero-option for Villa Somalia. This is so because the funding governments are responsible more to their taxpayers and can dump the requests of greedy and yet-corrupted heads where Lucifers are uncontrollable.

Nothing explains this better than the 2013 Report of the UN Monitoring Group on Somalia and Eritrea. According to the Report, “about 80 per cent of withdrawals from the central bank were not used to conduct government business.”

There were apparent redirection of government revenue for private consumption. And what this means for our Western-friends is that because money will disappear any way, let Somalia's own money vanish. After all, it is Somalia's own responsibility to save their country the trouble.

But in my view, the president's camp understands this. And they are ready to go ahead with their plan, because there are far more demanding operations for which funding is mandatory.

These pending operations may include security and reconciliation. With available funding, therefore, the government will get more power to execute its plans.

In other words, with a good flow of money the government will be able to talk to its rivals and finance the process. In fact, it will be able to pay its dues decently.

To set the record straight, getting crude oil from ground for which they can exchange money is simply the only option available to them.

What is obviously clear is that the country will run into calamities more worse than the civil war of the 90s. The good intentions of producing resources to finance the government operations will definitely attract Lucifers of many colors, kinds the continent has never yet experienced.

Fresh Lucifers who regret not to have been part of the civil war will storm the country with more shit than our leaders can appreciate.

In fact, I am prepared to say that the center-point for the Lucifers of South Sudan, Kenya, and Somalia is the long coast from Lamu, Kenya, to Markka, Somalia.

It is believed that this coastal line harbors oil reserves, the foremost hideouts of Lucifer. The devils will, for a fact, exhibit their products over there.

And the public will most likely buy from them. Are the leaders of these countries following me? Love it or hate it, Sirs, Lucifer is already presenting you winnable proposals.

And now another note: What is the relationship between the oil production and the mediation of the notorious Baidoa regional semi-governments? Let's develop a debate here.

About the Author

Abdiqani Y. Farah is a social commentator, and the author of “Key to Preparing University Assignments”.

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