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Jan 10, 2010
Sudan Conflict in Darfur
by: Anonymous

Dear, friend

I agree with you that the so-called National Unity Government spends much money to oppose and neutralize ICC decision so that it will not take effect.

In fact, ICC Indictment plays the major role in the success of the National Congress Party (NCP) and they see all things happen to benefit this party, even those of national interests.

The party also sees many things through the ICC glasses, while violence is still going in Darfur killing, raping and looting the Fur. Bashir's militia commits dirty crimes in Maleit and Saiahe villages.

The civilians fled and displaced away to save themselves.

I raise this through you to UN Secretary General to take an action towards those poor people. I kindly ask him also to assess UNAMID performance there.

Thank you my friend
Mohamed Nureldeen Adam
S L M / x-rebel

Read more at Darfur Rebels too.

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Jan 10, 2010
Sudanese People Will Make the Odds Elapse!
by: Admin

Dear Enkidu Debaba,

... or whatever your name will be, I should say I respect you and am glad that you're following the HOA Political Scene Blog. I would like to bring your attention to bookmark it and share it with your services through the small buttons on any page you liked.

Well, have you noticed that how the ICC kept silent since the arrest warrant against the leader of the Sudanese military religious dictator and the others?

How much they paid for that from the Sudanese treasury?

It is true that no power will save the Sudanese people other than that power they have themselves. I believe on them and they will prove that they are strong than any dictatorial power.

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