False Development of the African Economy!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Alfa / Sudan)

Africa often suffers from deep rigged economical problems accompanying endless wars and thus the African continent remains horrible place, where poverty and diseases spread and the continent becomes the first unlucky continent in the world.

As Africans are destined by the leaders' choices to live in serious pain with volatile politics, misunderstanding to each other and lack of unities, generally the continent lives in the dark and confusion. Some ruling elites and other political groups falsely surprise the African economy development.

Look at the African population growth rate. Look also to the poverty, disease, the number of displaced people, the refugees, the endless human rights violations and the wars, which have greater contribution to the human and economical crises in Africa.

You will see evidences that the continent is yet to be free. In spite of this fact, which is obvious, some business organizations try to advertise as if Africa is free and the economy has achieved its development and growth. They invite each others to share the false economical growth.

This invitation indicates the will of co-operation with the dictators in illegal business by ignoring the African nations and their appeals for economical credibility, meritocracy and first of all democracy.

The Africa economy is controlled and it is under the ruling classes that own huge factors by force. The dictators already control the hot and expensive businesses managed under their close relatives.

The ruling classes continue illegal businesses, and they neither give up nor give the political powers to democratically elected candidates nor do they want to allow the outstanding candidates to compete for elections.

I think the African economy is negatively developed so that the citizens mainly stay begging, while the treasury of the continent is enough to feed its people

Generally, the African economy is yet not developed but except for
illegal economical investments and corrupted businesses, all of which are highly developed. Africans must work behind the political scene, get their private organizations united and learn how to restore the stolen development of the continent.

Africans must keep up and identify those false advocates who only wanted to colonize systematically and build wealth for their followers.

Institutions and Ethnic Politics in Africa (Political Economy of Institutions and Decisions)

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