Eritrean Compulsory Military Service!

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This comment is a reply to some comments here at Eritrean Refugees Situation is Late to Attract Attention - Comments. However, it is here because the compulsory military service is done by the EPLF, which became PFDJ now.

Military services as we know are important in any state in the world. However, other totalitarian regimes operate these services compulsory and they even call it and give it that irritating description, although they do not need to do so.

However, they do because they are afraid to lose their political power, so they implement the schemes of the compulsory military services to recruit other people to defend them but not the state.

The Eritrean case is different.

The small state has challenges and it encounters dangers from many regimes in the area.

However, this point is not defending the government and I will explain that in a second.

Since all the Eritrean people know this fact and feel their country is in danger, the government does not need to operate compulsory military service.

The awareness of the people is enough.

The state has good media. The government could use the media to paint and point to the challenges and encourage the people to defend their nationality explaining when, where and how to do that.

I noticed that the media plays the great role in mobilizing the people. According to my experiences, in only one call to plant the martyr's tree, I had 5 million trees planted there during the Martyr's Day. This is a simple example to the role of the media.

I wrote about this somewhere in this big website I actually do not remember, but you may get the page from links at the sitemap 13, Humanitarian Network here.

Just to say about the compulsory military service, it does not need the word compulsory, because it is not compulsory in the Eritrean case.
Martyr's Tree at the Entrance of the Expo in Asmara
Martyr's Tree at the Entrance of the Expo in Asmara

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