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Apr 15, 2012
Keep Writing about the AEJE!
by: Admin

Hamid Awad Mahmoud, a veteran Eritrean EPLF fighter has submitted this comment form on Saturday Nov 20 03:21:07 2010 EST, while he was a refugee in Egypt.

He fled his country a couple of years ago to Cairo, as many Eritrean nationals and he has that dream of getting away, so he could improve his family living and see possible ways to participate in the dialogue to help his country, Eritrea.

I have not published this comment at the time it was submitted and kept it with many other comments for some reasons. It is just below this introduction.

Since then, things were improved for Hamidawad to find a resettlement and come to live here in Europe and his family joined him later.

He had been in contact with me since his arrival and he visited me last week and then took the train to Sweden to say far well to his brother who died that week. Warm condolence to his family. May God accept him well with mercy. We kept calling each other, while he was with his sisters and brothers in Sweden.

We discussed some political issues, agreed upon some points and disagreed on others. I may come to this point in other comments, as I still see that, tribal or religion based arguments are still the cause of the political deterioration in the Horn of Africa.

The point... we learned from the EPLF the good and the bad. The good is our concern and we will stay with it, as it brought unity, freedom and independence to Eritrea. Remember, the EPLF has never formed on the basis of tribalism and religion. We stay secular, as the state is a secular concept.

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