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Jun 29, 2010
They Made the War and the People Paid the Invoice!
by: Admin

Seems like a deliberate mischief! It was actually hard slap to the each other and it still costs the two people a lot.

While we were dreaming of continued good methods to reunite not only Ethiopia and Eritrea, but also the entire Horn of Africa, they slapped all Horn of Africa's nationals hard on the faces.

However, to sound off, I disagree with that the two leaders, Meles Zenawi and Isaias Afworki work together. There are no ties between them, or why should they made the war? Instead of that, they had the chance to work together if they thought of getting only Tigray to unite with Eritrea.

The problem initiated because of personal interests as both of the two leaders in Eritrea and Ethiopia give much efforts and concentrate on their charismas and their charismatic way of leading as leaders of winning liberation fronts.

There was no way of such charismatic behaviours during the liberation struggle and the liberation fighters were capable to mange such personal interest at any time it appears.

They misunderstood by doing that they would destroy their reputation, as the people will get wiser to understand such circumstances and feel that the two revolutions betrayed them and destroyed the rising Horn of African's wide-nationalism.

They fought each other and the two people in Eritrea and Ethiopia paid their invoice.

However, the soul of the revolution that built the revolution in Eritrea and Ethiopia remains to rebuild the methods and the goals the first liberation fronts have not accomplished yet.

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