Make Attractive the Future!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Alfa / Sudan)

The political movement in the horn of Africa is not based on the interest of the habitants but manipulated by others party’s decisions what so ever. And the governments on power enforced to use the opportunities with this evil supporters in order to stay on power regardless of their natives demands, keep their home in fever

The peace agreement was really an attractive step what so ever and it was the responsibility of NCP to create a uniformity before the time was secluded, but felt it and still continue with damaging the future hope ,many natives think of the out come by guessing.

The horn of Africa poultices mainly in the hand of Egypt manipulated but we are not bewaring of it. It is a Nile river politics that remain in puzzle to segregate and split the horn in to small pieces is to concede with the interest of Egypt.

The interest of Egypt is the Nile River. Egypt is worrying many of the reprints countries going to dam the Nile in the future. So the alternative is: the countries must spilt and reshaped accordingly the interest of Egypt

Egyptians knows how to lie, that is a politics .they falsely working for sundaes unity while they are the one who part of the strategist in the horn re- shaping the countries regardless of once heritages and identities

Egypt want to united with some part of Sudanese based on the Mahiadns Map which only stretch Nile revere from Egypt to Ethiopian border

It is very dangerous for Sudanese people if Egypt does not change this strategy .Ertrians also need some part of the land. They do not want to united with the whole country fear of the Egyptians program

The government on power ought to call its native to make attractive the future rather continue with tyrannical

The steps must reflex able, attractive and USHA must implement under experts and real democracy in all horn of Africa in the futrue it would be the interst of all horn of Africa. We must point out and resist the scramble for horn of Africa these days updated

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