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Bats of Darkness in Denmark

by Khalid Osman ✍🏻

Apartments in Denmark Become Nests for Darkness Bats and doves Nests

Apartments in Denmark Become Nests for Darkness Bats and doves Nests

I have never in my life imagined this could happen in Denmark. A mafia of residents in one of CIVICA apartments use the housing company to occupy an empty flat, which the housing company CIVICA does not rent yet and use hearing and watching devices to spy in a resident.

The resident knocked the door of that flat just after hearing disturbance and footsteps following him even to the toilet and no one opens the door. He looked through the glass of the kitchen window inside and saw the signs that the flat is empty, when he returned to his flat he heard the noises again.

He recorded some evidences and went to the police several times and the police didn’t take any action. The housing company of course didn’t take any action when the resident complaint to it so many times, because it is involved in this situation of human rights violations.

Again this is a proof that the housing company is involved in these human rights violations and privacy violations.

In general the housing company rent apartments in the sections numbered with the letter L which violate privacy rights. When the resident reported this to what’s called human right centre in Copenhagen he got a response that said such case is not of interest to the center.

The center might have notified the housing company about this. I believe that many human rights organizations started lately to work for the benefits of governments and their administrations.

Those who occupy the empty flat to spy on others are living in the dark and they don’t want the resident to know who they are and they are doing this for more than two months.

During more than 3 months of un rest the resident wander every day on the streets to have peace of mind. He wrote this song in one of his wanderings:

A free man like a bird
In a poisoned land
Tries to make sense
Of his living as a gentleman

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