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10 Years in the Bush in Uganda

by Joseph & Jasmine

According to 10 years in the bush, I think writing about political Uganda is not easy. First of all, you should have been in the bush with the revolution army and then in the areas of those religious liars and then again in Uganda for at least two, three years.

Writing about Uganda from some sources on the Internet or in many books and magazines does not give the right picture to Uganda today. Those, OK let us say, will only be personal impressions, but not scientific critiques to the political, economical and social situations in Uganda. Impressions could be right or wrong. We will not have the right picture, though.

Without doubts, I am sure that being with the rebels, worth being with the revolutionary factions before they came to power and after they came to power.

Through personal observation inside both of them, a person could come to acquire great values about the nature of the political disruption in Uganda.

Traditional people are always after some metaphysic powers to express their wishes to be ruled as poor people by great powers like those in the supernatural atmosphere of unseen influence. The revolution should certainly take many years to address such ignorance and educate people how to be their own gods of destinies.

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