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by Admin Sudanese Twitter Group 7. Sudanese Twitter Group 7.

Arabic readers read the Arabic version of Twitter Group at Invitation to Comment 119: Twitter Group - مجموعة تويتر.

We're organizing a group here for specific events on Twitter.

In these spots of the HOA's comments, we create a group for specific events on Twitter Social Media to carry specific tasks.

You don't have to have a large number of followers, the small numbers of followers who are tweeting constantly, systematically and with distinctive hashtags even from the trending of large groups, after adding a few words before and after, to change the meaning to the critical meaning, can draw attention that distinguish them, their seriousness, their revolutionary authenticity and their credibility, and thus attract many to their revolutionary tweets. This is where this Twitter Group will be the most trending transparent group.

General Guidance for Twitter Group

This group is a specific task group that operates with a specific system and method. It means that nothing should be written here in the Twitter Group outside the core objective and organizational work of the group. If you agreed on a method of spreading awareness to guide the street, we'll not disagree. Action guide will be posted here, and all we have to do is stick to it while we are tweeting daily, or responding to other tweets. This would have a very positive outcome in effecting trending and directing public action.

You can gather here all those who believe in the following: Power of Freedom and Change has sold the revolution to Sudanese killers, the presence of murderers in power, the transitional government and the sovereignty council are illegitimate, the sovereignty council exercises duties and legislations that are not his right, Hamdouk exercises tasks that are not the tasks of a transitional government, once again the Kizan come in power wearing another snake's skin.

Note that we cannot say: "fall, thrice", and then we say we are with Hamduk. If you notice the countries he worked in (and some people praise that) you will know their cultural effects on him. This means getting into his brain and knowing how he thinks, especially with his external movements, which are essentially not some of the transitional government's tasks.

Its functions and tasks, if only it is legitimate, are in the implementation of the demands of the revolution in the internal situations. The other thing here, after the betrayal of the revolution by the agreement, they brought him to be a transitional PM and he has now selfish ambitions of his own to remain and do other things to strengthen the remnant of the terrorist regime.

The most important thing is that we should see any hand stretched to shake hand with a hand stained with the blood of martyrs as a dirty hand. Not only that, but we should consider those people who accept to participate in the authority with killers are killers' partners, forget about being unpatriotic. We must consider anyone who participated with the killers in any authority as the accomplice of the killer.

Note also that the groups that are working to abort the project of the comprehensive national revolution by empowering and supporting the current situations are large, and we must work hard to expand our rules against all their Sudanese conspiracies against the revolution. This will only occur with the constant care and activity to carry out the tasks of the Twitter Group.

By such similar work we created
the coordination of the Sudanese opposition abroad and gathered the revolutionary interior groups to do the massive work and mobilize the revolution. But, unfortunately some of which has produced these groups that thwarted the revolution, so I came out of the coordination when the coordination collected all the classifications and I started criticizing their performance.

They removed me from many groups under the guidance of Ansari who was controlling the coordination as if it belongs to his father. They hear everything he says as they take him as an uncle and a professor, and this is of course our habit we Sudanese people, towards these two unique specifications "uncle and professor", which distinguishes us with a strange kind of political ignorance.


The answer is clear: how can a professor be Ansari, or a Khatmi, or a Muslim brother (Kuz)?

These are a clear contradiction with science and professorship.

But who among us uses the mind that our Lord created for him and put it in his head to think like this?

To join the Twitter Group's organizational work, use the form/form on our contact page and write down the title: Twitter Group. Write your full name, address, email address, and phone number with code. If you want to withhold your full name, write your wish and we will identify you with a pseudonym. However, we believe that there is nothing to be concerned about.

* You are at Twitter Group.

* Read the entry page at Abadmac.

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* Read about the recent Sudanese revolution at:

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