We Want to Empower the People in the Horn of Africa!

by Admin

The political mistakes done by emperors, false revolutionary groups and military religious dictators present heavy burdens for the Horn of African people. Any politically educated person and any sincere political activist could come with some good methods to address the political problems in the Horn of Africa.

Yes, the burdens are heavy. First of all, we need to avoid self-partiality, implement self-renunciation and be self-reliance to achieve the national goals of nations in the area.

Self-reformation is very important to achieve these national goals and we need active people, people who want to have good political education that empowers the nationals and people who devote their efforts to change peacefully the wrong political picture in the area and create the promised good future.

The process is simple and the task is heavy. It is for this reason that we need devotion to our streamline of objectives to reach the possible horizon.

Thanks to Enkidu Debaba, his efforts pour in this direction. However, we should always consider the past was not good. All kinds of kings, emperors and dictators have exploited our people and used them to wage wars against themselves in the area and even inside the countries, making tribalism, religious phobias and other claims to strengthen their powers only.

The simple people were and they continue always to be the victims of such domineering polices of the ruling elites.

We want the people to rule themselves
by having good and sincere representatives in the political power.

The HOAs Comprehensive Projects will continue towards achieving the national goals of nationals in the Horn of Africa.

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