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May 24, 2014
HOA Blog!

So, the HOA Political Scene Blog is the HOA Blog and it is also the Horn of Africa's Blog! It is not the HOA Institute blog, or the HOA Law blog, or the HOA Management blog, or the Home Owners Association blog, or the HOA Condo blog.

It has two versions until this moment, one in English and the other in Arabic at the Arabic HOA Political Scene. You may see more versions of the HOA Blog in some other international languages to expand the geopolitical reach of the HOA Blog in the future.

I noticed that just after the date I published the HOA as abbreviation of the Horn of Africa's blog many years ago that many businesses started to take the term HOA. So, it is very important to say that the HOA abbreviation here belongs to the Horn of Africa, not to those blogs I mentioned here.

There were only very few networks that used the term in its abbreviation, but the number has increased after the publication of the blog and some guys just used the abbreviated term for irrelevant topics.

To read more about the abbreviation of the HOA blog and to continue to read and know more about the Horn of Africa, please see the linked pages here below and above and the updates within the HOA Blog at the first link above.

* This article at HOA Blog is a continuation to the article about HOA Blog at HOA Geopolitical Abbreviation.

* Read the English blog pages at:

Caligula the Sudanese| HOA| HOA Calls| HOAs Comprehensive Projects| HOAs Cultural Project| HOAs Journalists Project| HOAs Poets Project|

* Read the Arabic blog pages at:

Arabic Short Story| كيف وضعوا وطنا كاملا وشعبا كاملا داخل برواز| كاليجولا السوداني| Caligula the Sudanese| العلاقات السودانية الارترية الجديدة| قسم الثورة السودانية|

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