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Feb 24, 2012
Alexa Statistics for HOA is 100% Wrong!

Alexa is 100% lacking good tracking tools. It was once good. But, I do not know what has happened to lose it power.

Late statistical traffic data for the is good and promising. The network has minimum 7540 links and maximum 949000 links pointing from other websites to the

However, it is only Alexa that seems 100% lacking good tracking tools. It was once good. But, I do not know what has happened to lose its power. Even if Alexa depends on relevant sites, it is still wrong.

Use the search tools below. Enter to see some of the websites that link to



To see good results use Google search at the main page.

Mar 17, 2011
Check Your Political Links or Articles on Directories!
by: Admin

It is necessary when you chose a political link exchange or a political category in a directory to place a link back to it before you submit your political link. Some directories mention that they will review your link within 3 days. However, it takes more time and they may not accept your link.

Always check your political link in those directories and schedule this job on weekly bases. You will know where your link is by following the main category to the sub-category. If you submitted your political link few days ago, click on recent added links or recent link submission or whatever that indicates new activity.

Some of those directories have also articles submission. You can submit political articles to them too to promote yourself and your business.

However, be advised here. Check already submitted political articles. Pay attention to the ways they use their title / headline, texts in the political articles, the resource box, the comment on articles, the share with social media and social bookmarks.

If you found that the click on the title leads to another page on their website, quit the directory. It is not good to have your own title serving other site than linking directly to where your political article is on your website.

I have tried this strategy with some articles directories and unfortunately, I found it very bad habits to try always be self-benefited from other people?s efforts before giving them back what they deserve.

Always check your political links or articles on directories!

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