by Enkidu Debaba
(Alfa / Sudan)

IGAD is the intergovernmental Authorty in the horn of Africa working with the interst and agreement of the reginal Authorities for farther devlopment,but it is not indpendent body to enforce any government for better achivment.

this organization build by the horn of Africa dictators that we can not expect any democrctic revolution . USHA needs a true democratic nations support for democratic changes

USHA is the only soltion for all horn of Africa nations interst.All the lost unity, equialty ,freedom devlopment are comes through USHA.

all horn of african nation intersted with democratic revolution to replace usha.

The only obistacles to implemment USHA that Egypt and Isreal strongly oppose the idea for there intersts,how ever ,the nations of horn of africa never stop claiming of there unity and sovernight in what amount they may broken down to pices

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