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Jul 01, 2016
It is USHA!
by: Admin

It is USHA and not UASH.

Concentrate while writing. You also write like Enkidu Debaba starting the word Horn of Africa by a small letter like "horn" and finishing with the capital letter in the second word.

Some of your ideas are brilliant, if you only concentrated in writing correct sentences to understand without having to guess what you meant.

Explain more about the British project. Every mention to any idea, or fact should be followed by suitable explanation for readers who don't know about these things you are writing about.

They cannot establish a thing, because they are all against each other. This fact is so different from the ideas of USHA.

Jul 01, 2016
How to Write Good?
by: Admin

Thank you for your contribution. We indeed value that. Every time you have a comment published, please share it with social media, or your friends.

Something to take care of it, is the way you write. Take your time while writing to write good and to correct language mistakes and reedit what you wrote.

Don't ever be in a hurry while writing. Write slowly to give your thoughts chances to expand on some other paragraphs.

You can use Microsoft Word to write your article and when you see red lines under words, correct them. Just highlight the word with a right mouse click to read the suggestions of the correct word.

After that copy your article from Word to paste it in a text document editor. This because Word is so bad when you copy and paste on web pages.

If you didn't find the correct word, try searching for it by entering it letter after letter on a search box. The search engines will come with suggestions after each letter you enter.

A second reading to your article might help you correct many mistakes.

When you read anything, focus on finding such words that are similar to the words you use in your writing.

There are so many ways to find about a word and how to use it correctly in spelling and meaning.

Jun 30, 2016
New Revolution!
by: Anonymous

The new revolution is on the table,the old one is at turmoil, yet no body is analysis the implications of Breixt at horn of African IGAD.

IGAD is established to protect dictators on power for decades in order to pay out thier colonial debuts .The interlinked berocuratic system challenges the nation and pradasis a few at the cost of poorest nations.

The Britain Breixt shakes world economy throughly. The wato/globalization strategies confronted. The international foreign policy repression amounted to Breixt, grexit,freixt and so on.

British in search of nationalism,I don't think it was not racism. European can't continue in baniry division. Russan Awake full for it's economic endangered. Not only economy the word political situation at risk nation hate the theory of intergovernmental knots. IGAD can't be out of new threats. Each country following it's nationality to establish UASH

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