Asmara Denies a Coup Attempt in Eritrea!

Eritrea denied unsuccessful coup attempt in the country, earlier this week. News said the coup was led by mutinous soldiers seeking political reforms, a challenge that rarely happens in Eritrea.

The Eritrean authorities dismissed on Saturday (today) the reports issued this week about the coup attempt and said the reports are not more than "deliberate disinformation campaigns".

The Associated Press and other news from Addis Ababa suggested that the soldiers who have called for changes in the political system had in fact attempted to overthrow the government.

Eritrea's Ambassador to the African Union, Girma Asmerom called the coup reports "wishful thinking" by people he did not mention by name in his official statement.

Asmerom stressed, "there will never be a coup in Eritrea". He suggested that, "acts of terror have been called something else by other people".

He asked a serious question in this regard saying that, as in other parts "all over the world, an armed crazy, stupid and terrorist individual or group can take stupid actions such as kidnapping of individuals, or taking hostages by raiding government and private institutions and offices" this could happen elsewhere and remain acts of terror, as described in the West.

He further explained "such isolated incidents which frequently occur in the West are considered terrorist acts. I don't understand why in Africa they are considered coup?" His views go this way, as he described such interpretation to the same incidents saying that "It is the highest form of double standard and hypocrisy."

Reports said 100 dissident soldiers occupied the national radio at the Ministry of information in the capital Asmara and broadcasted a statement vowing to free all political prisoners and implement the country's constitution.

The fighters revolted peacefully in 1993 in different situation and they have different cases.

The Ethiopian Foreign Ministry tells a lie here concerning the first fighters' attempt of 1993 to urge the president to solve their economical situations and give them salaries.

Fighters in the liberation movement have agreed to live in the camps, as revolutionists and have anything they
need for living there. The state was new and there were no salaries. Every fighter has his own pocket money.

But the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry mentioned that they forced the president and he has promised them by offering good salaries. That has never happened. When they ordered us (journalists) to leave our offices in the newspaper, the radio and the television and occupied the streets, the president was driving his old car to his office.

We saw him just at the corner where the fighters stopped him and he looked couple of them on the eyes and said to them if you had any complaints follow me to the stadium. He drove his car there and we ran all the way to the stadium.

The fighters joined there to hear him. His words broke their hearts a part and raised their honors as fighters. They were not soldiers at that time. He compared his own situation with the de facto situation of many of them and urged them the state is not yet built and no one is better than the other.

Even he himself, as a president he lived the way they lived and nothing has changed except that he has his staff and office as the head of the state, but wearing the same fighters' shoes they call "shidah".

That was the bright Eritrea that time in 1993… not Eritrea now. People should not mix everything. There should be clear divorce between the good time and the bad time.

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