War Clouds in the Horn of Africa!

by Enkidu Debaba
(Alfa / Sudan)

Two friends, Sudan and Ethiopia presidential election of 2010 get over fraudulently , the innocent people disparately looking across the coming five or four years.

both countries dictatorial rule will remain on power , but no more wise , they may going to loose the power by their opponent groups

The proposal to create a united Sudan, already interrupted by dictatorail rule. the remain steps are amusements shall not be hope for unity expt war

The war might be erupt in Ethiopia against the dictatorial rule , human right condition is seriously worse.the western well understand Ethiopia /tplf/is a tribal political patry can't provide democracy expte it's dictatorail rule .

Meles Zenawi grievously well supported by external power due to counter terrorist . Meles want to continue on power through repression until the generation identity changes accordingly TPLF program

Once Meles lost the westerners support , he tried to attract his people for the first time in 20 years calling the bile basins for irrigation and development . The Egyptian refused to sign the agreement sounding as colonial sounds.

Ethiopia government deiced to due many things on Nile basin to get supportive from his people , Things are conditional,the 1929 Lion sharing agreement might be turns to Rat sharing

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