The Twentieth Century Political Waves and Ethnical Deceit!

by Enkidu Debeba
(Alfa / Sudan )

"The late twentieth century collapse of socialism first, and then especial events catalyzed a complete change of socio-political policy in countries around the world with uncertainty "


The modern African ethnicity is a social construction of the colonial period through the reaction of pre-colonial societies to the social, economic, cultural and political forces of colonaizism.

Ethnicity is the product of continuing social historical process, interactive based the old roots growth to social developments .The complete change of social -political policy was an effective change constructive in the body politics was a tacit knowledge, but within it's explicit, negetively intercept in to Africa as a destroyer of it's assimilated culture by own itself care of oriented missionaries. Besides to the old spots, modern colonial threatens politically, economically as well as morally left African in turmoil .
Even though the changes came a over the world, there wasn't as African continent serously affected.

Italian Mossolini had been said " every things with in state, nothing out of the state, nothing against the state " this is quite old totalitarianism. The modernizid was totalitarian was a different forms and convenient for Africa nations through reforms which can developed to liberalism.

The European reinforcement assumptions of ethnicity serfdom development stressed nations who who yearning humanity and equality, influenced by ideal /scam propaganda of ethnic self adminstration maneuver kept ethnic groups hopeful and hopeless at the same. African ethnicity invention emerged through internal struggle over moral economy and and political legitimacy tied to the ethnic the ethnic community catalyzed by intlegent missionary which ethnically defined adminstration unity links to local people.

The potential resources the main reason to form patron client platform for the
Development of serfdom and tenancy agreement. Ethnic community conflicts over deferential access to resources of modernity and economic accumulation to form a superior Ethno-nationalism against other ethnic competent, particularly based the creation elites strong ties of patron -client

Colonial legacy of bureaucratic authoritarian, pervasive patron client relationship, complex ethnic dialects of assimilation, fragmention and completion already persiste to keep in centrifuge.

Laberia and Ethiopia non-colonial history lack of patron client,forced to search for inferior small clans to empowered for the formation of cilentlism .The strange socio-political adoption culturally affect many African countries in the formation clientelism.

In Laberia, kpelle
is the largest ethnic group up hold a deceive struggle follow up colonial footsteps and knots for self-rule, disntigration and the question of ceded while it's in the center of the country disposed and punshed by newly selected clans has no right for education and economic access

Kpelle and other ethnic groups in African hanged to absurd struggle with no success. The ways they interact paradise the formation of patron-client. The same history recycled in Ethiopia "Oromo"the largest ethnic group.

Serfdom is not a natural law, we blame political economy ethical deceit, which resulted political instability and it's failures in handing and handling colonizers psycjo-social influence and stolen an impression of nations which filched the heart of in different ethnic groups at the same time stubborn and harsh to the others. All this in stabile race remains in the coracle of colonial designed.

Economy eroded from Africa, rains in the western (migrants slogan).the 40% of African economy flows to western through patron clientelism strong ties. In order to pay colonial debut government stay on power for a centuries their dictatorial rules complete horror.

The eroded economy instability and echoes speaks out of colonaizism that it comes to be identified with rule over people of different race by adoption of ethnic federalism. Of course Ethiopia,except mamluks families that hitting the ground, the generation turn to revise, resistant, and never aggressive like middle east business,they have a code of sing a song and vigilant through social dynamic interactions which could be epidemic through African

Let's divine eutu position in the skies

A glittering diamond tighten affix to her breast

From highest direct towards to the earth

The sources whence issue of earth water

Let's them slide on shore
Eutu hide oracle, count x number

This is to indicate that how a common people of Ethiopia understand the defaced and uncertainty of continents and start to resist. Because the social force and demands, the new change is on truck through social in traction, even though the reforms are being under mind by all pervasive corruption and tightened security pressure.

Ethiopia is versatile

I'm proud of being an Ethiopian

Enkidu Debaba

Enkidu, use the form to send your mobile numbers. I can't find them. Then install whatsapp and I will be in touch.

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