Could Djibouti Escape the Tribal Siege?

Djibouti in comparison to the other countries in IGAD and in spite of some political troubles is the calmest country in the Horn of Africa.

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However, confrontations between the government troops and the armed rebel FRUD resulted in causalities and three soldiers from the troops are killed according to FRUD last May.

The French presence in the country makes it stable today and maintains the French influence that had started in this land; the Somalis consider as part of Somalia, even before it became Djibouti and developed through the 19 century up to the present.

Leonce Lagarde had his thoughts of this land when he came as a French governor 1884-1888, because the French considered that the immanent evacuation of Egypt from Harar that time would create political and security vacuum in the area.

It was only when Lagarde lived between the people many years that he came to know the people who live in this land are different from the other Ethiopian people.

He noted that to express his opinion to the political power in his homeland and to suggest the people in this area have their own country.

You will read facts about Djibouti and historical political analyses from different perspectives through this page and in my book, "The Revolution and the Illusion in the Horn of Africa". However, it is in Arabic and I will try translating some of it in English.

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