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The Arabic Poems on many pages on the HOA Political Scene, which is a bilingual section of the HOA Political Scene network help you maintain your Arabic language by some new croup of the arts pictures and more.

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Keep reading and you will know many other benefits you can get from the Arabic Poetry pages. - Arabic Poems: Rising of the Phoenix couplet on Abu Damac banner for the civil disobedience in Sudan by the Sudanese Abu Damac literary - Arabic Poems: The civil disobedience in Sudan banner in Arabic poetry titled Rising of the Phoenix from the Sudanese Abu Damac literary group to support the uprising.

علمتُ ان صبركِ الحزين طال

وان شاعراً

أودع في عينيك

سرّ ما يقال

حتي غدا

من صبوةِ الجفاءِ والوصال "آدما"

يردُ أِرثَه القديمَ


The first benefit is of course enjoying poems in Arabic. But, there are so many benefits behind the scene. They even don't have to require any cleverness to know them.

For example, you can print posters from the Arabic Poetry posters to decorate your place at home, work, or even the most enjoyable favorite place for you.

In addition, read the following below the poems you read in Arabic here.


ان أكونَ ناركِ

ونوركِ القصي

يشعُ في مداك

أعلنتُ ان يصبَ شاعري

قصائداً، قصائدا

ليعتلي علاك


عودةَ السمندل

مغنيا بنشوةٍ: "أبا دماك"

طائرُ العنقاء عائد من الجحيم

مطهراً من نزفهِ القديم

The most important values are many. You can learn from such poems, how to use this language by enriching your vocabulary and knowing how to rhyme, or write poems in Arabic the best way you could.

What else?

OK, before I go further, you may need to read the page by following everything published on it and giving more attention to the fruits of the page.

دعماً لاعتصام شعب باسل

سودانيرن للطيش

رغم المجازر بنعيش

What about publishing your poetry?

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في قلب العصيان

عظيم انت يا فينيق

وأنت تخرج من رمادك

جميلا وقويا

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